15 Flat Belly Superstars (you’re gonna wanna stock up on these)

Filling your kitchen with these 15 Flat Belly Superstars will do double duty to help you fight the battle of the bulge and hunger! Remember my two biggies when it comes to weight loss — baby steps and no more dieting! Belly Bloat. Muffin Top. Middle-age Spread. It’s like all […]

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Why Coconut Oil Isn't as Bad as You Think

Why Coconut Oil Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Here we go again. A “study” that is telling us that something we’ve been consuming with great delight (Bulletproof coffee, anyone?) is suddenly “bad” for us. According the the latest from the American Heart Association, coconut oil is not a healthy fat…and actually should never be eaten. The AHA is […]

You’re Doing it All Wrong – 3 Tips to Help Your Diet Succeed!

You’re Doing it All Wrong – what a wake up call! To hear that you may be dieting wrong after all this time…not exactly the most positive thought for the day, right? Hear me out. When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about boosting your metabolism so it can […]

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