5 Ways to Stay Fit this Fall

I’m not gonna lie, my fave season isn’t fall, it’s summer. But now that we are well into October, I’ll have to settle for the warm fall days (hopefully we get more) and delish pumpkin treats. Lots of my TPS Fit Squad have been asking for more and more fitness […]

5 ways to stay fit this fall

Produce Guide by Seasons

Where I live in Eastern Ontario, we have four seasons. Well, if you really want to get down to brass tacks we have two — Winter and Spraul (spring, summer and fall all mixed into one haha). One of the best ways to eat clean on a budget is to […]

10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday ROCK

Ah, the dreaded scream of your alarm clock come 6 am Monday morning. How we’ve come to hate this start to our week. Getting back into the work-mindset can be a drag, espesh if you’re not fond of your job. I used to feel like this too, but now I’m […]

10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday ROCK tps fit