Hey girlie!

Thanks for popping by my website >> let me introduce myself.

I’m Tanya Plummer-Saunders and I’m first and foremost a housewife to my hubsy of 5 years (I know, it sounds SO 1950’s) and a SAHFM (stay-at-home-fur-mom)!!

tanya plummer saundersA few years ago I found myself at a crossroads…weighing in at over 210 lbs (I stopped weighing myself then so I probably was closer to 220+ all said and done) and kidding myself into thinking “God just wants me to be fat” because I had once again failed the latest diet and just couldn’t seem to get on a workout schedule. And go to the gym?? That’s why FIT peeps did!

I was miserable at the Retail Management job I held, my marriage just starting but I felt so inadequate and VERY unsexy and it got to a point where I hid all the time..and only went out for groceries or dr appointments. I always felt like peeps were judging me for my size.


Since that time, I have gone from being an emotionally-bankrupt Retail Manager to a fulfilled and caring Online Fitness Nutritionist & Weight Loss Coach which has helped me regain control of not only my health and finances… but also gave me back my confidence, self-belief, and passion, as well as a platform to share my story and help others to change THEIR lives for the better!

Today I spend my time working with women in their 40s (or almost there!) who ARE where I once was >> overweight, confused, scared, depressed and maybe a little anxious to change their lives; to pay forward what God has blessed me with and use my past experiences to make an impact in the lives of others.

It is my purpose and life’s mission to not only help people SEE their potential, but LIVE IT! My goal now is to help others find the success both physically, spiritually and emotionally so others can live life to their fullest potential!

If you connect with and of my passions of FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS, FUR BABIES and EMOTIONAL-FREEDOM, I’d LOVE to CONNECT and get to know more about YOU! <3

Let’s connect girlie, and see where this health journey can take us! #LetsGetFitTogether