Crock-pot Salsa Chicken

This crock pot recipe is faster than grabbing take out. Yes, I’m serious! Of course I don’t count the time it takes the crock-pot to do all the cooking. 😉 Think about it. How long does it take you to open and dump a jar of salsa and some chicken […]

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ham red beans and rice what a crock recipe

Crock-pot Ham, Red Beans and Rice

One of the reasons I love my crock-pot is that it saves me a lot of cash throughout the year. I can’t tell you how often the simple act of throwing a few ingredients in before heading out for the day has kept me from ordering pizza, Chinese food or […]

Crock-pot Corn Chowder

This recipe “almost cooks itself” 😉 For many clean eaters Wednesday is the day when a 2nd mini food prep is done — meals are planned out for the rest of the week and we head to the grocery store. If that’s part of your routine as well, I have a […]

crock pot corn chowder What a Crock