3 Top Secrets to Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau (that I bet you don’t know)

When it comes to losing weight, at some point it will be inevitable that you will get stuck. Your weight loss may stall. You can’t get any inches off or the needle on the scale to go down, no matter what you try. I was in a weight loss plateau […]

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Going with the Flow — Are You Just “Coasting Along” with Your Weight Loss?

  It’s dangerous to just coast and go with the flow. Picture this: A fisherman in a boat, decked out with all the latest fishing gear, equipment and technology, out on the river alone for a day of solitude and fishing. The hours pass with a few nibbles and near-catches, […]

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The Best (and most delish!) Summer Crockpot Recipes

The Best (and most delish!) Summer Crockpot Recipes 2

Summer Crockpot Recipes? That sounds like an oxymoron!  Most of the best crock pot recipes conjure up images of all things autumn — pumpkin spice, warm and cozy and oodles of chilli. But who actually wants to cook, let alone bake in the summer (unless of course, that includes bakin’ […]

DIY Fruit Infused Water for Weight Loss (that taste oh-so delish!)

One of the biggest complaints I hear when it comes to increasing a client’s water consumption is… …but it tastes so plain! Here are my TOP 25 DIY Fruit Infused water recipes that will add zing to even the most boring of palettes. The beautiful thing about fruit-infused water is […]