Top 3 Best Flat Belly Workouts (Crunch-Free Zone)

Flat Belly Workouts are the name of today’s game, TPS Fit Squad! Raise your hand if you struggle with crunches! I used to as well! You can kiss the Crunch-mobile goodbye with my Top 3 Best Flat Belly Workouts. Yes, this […]

Why Working Out in Your Bare Feet Might Not Be the Best Idea

Are you thinking about working out in your bare feet? There is tons of #fitspo on Instagram and other social media sites these days showcasing the latest trend in exercise and exercising barefoot is the latest. There’s also loads of videos […]

is working out barefoot a good idea

10 surefire ways to boost your workoutmotivation

The Language of Lifting for Beginners

Ever read or hear an exercise description and wonder what the heck it meant? These 5 workout-cues will shine a light on old exercise-form pointers to help you get the most out of your sweat sesh. Let me break down […]