The Best 7 Day At Home Workout Program (to jump start your weight loss)

This 7 day at home workout is a killer sweat sesh, but in a good way. This is, hands down, The Best 7-Day At-Home Workout Program (to jump start your weight loss)!     Lately I haven’t been feelin’ up to drivin’ to the gym, but my exercise is my […]

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Should You Workout When You’re On Your Period?

I received a message on my Instagram the other day from a gal wondering if you should workout when you’re on your period. She claimed she was easily fatigued and also her raging hormones caused her to want to eat everything in sight. “Any recommendations?”, she asked. Here are 3 […]

Why Working Out in Your Bare Feet Might Not Be the Best Idea

Are you thinking about working out in your bare feet? There is tons of #fitspo on Instagram and other social media sites these days showcasing the latest trend in exercise and exercising barefoot is the latest. There’s also loads of videos of peeps working out without socks and shoes, some of […]

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10 surefire ways to boost your workoutmotivation

The Language of Lifting for Beginners

Ever read or hear an exercise description and wonder what the heck it meant? These 5 workout-cues will shine a light on old exercise-form pointers to help you get the most out of your sweat sesh. Let me break down the Language of Lifting for Beginners.   I think one of […]

Best Pre Workouts for Women — What are they and do you need one? 2

What does a pre workout do? Are pre workouts safe? What are the best pre workouts for women? These are just some of the Qs I’ve been getting lately. And being a Fitness Nutritionist and recently accepting a job part time in a supplement store, I’ve learned a lot of […]

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