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Clean Eating on a Budget — aka it DOESN’T cost more to eat healthy! 2

I’m just gonna come right out and say it — girl, it does NOT cost more to eat healthy food! That’s just a bunch of hogwash aka an excuse you tell yourself to get out of eating a bit healthier today than yesterday! Grab a pen and paper or take […]

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10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday ROCK tps fit

10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday ROCK

Ah, the dreaded scream of your alarm clock come 6 am Monday morning. How we’ve come to hate this start to our week. Getting back into the work-mindset can be a drag, espesh if you’re not fond of your job. I used to feel like this too, but now I’m […]

3 Top Secrets to Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau (that I bet you don’t know)

When it comes to losing weight, at some point it will be inevitable that you will get stuck. Your weight loss may stall. You can’t get any inches off or the needle on the scale to go down, no matter what you try. I was in a weight loss plateau […]

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Going with the Flow — Are You Just “Coasting Along” with Your Weight Loss?

  It’s dangerous to just coast and go with the flow. Picture this: A fisherman in a boat, decked out with all the latest fishing gear, equipment and technology, out on the river alone for a day of solitude and fishing. The hours pass with a few nibbles and near-catches, […]

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