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Finding the time to get a good workout in is easier than ever with my NEW 20-Minute-Booty-Poppin Stair Workout (you can do anywhere!).

No need for fancy-dancy workout equipment or a gym membership! Just toss on your fave workout clothes and sneaks, toss the kiddoes in the stroller and off to the park you go.

Think outside the box with this workout and find some stairs like:

-stadium or school bleachers
-stairs at the dog park
-stairs in your apartment complex
-stairs in your own house!

The only limit to this workout…is your imagination.

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20 Min At-Home Workout

20 min stair workout




















Most Requested!

We all know we need to stay away from sugar, but sometimes the cravings are ree-al!
With over 25 recipes, this eBook will help you make smart and healthier choices, all while quashing even the strongest sugar craving.

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Sugar Craving Busters
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Sometimes all we need to get started (or re-started) with eating clean is a clean eating grocery list!
Feel free to print this bad boy out and take it with you on your next food shop!
No hard-to-find ingredients on this list #pinkypromise

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Clean Eating Grocery List

Clean Eating Grocery List





















Don’t worry if you don’t eat meat, but would still love a vegetarian clean eating grocery list.
I gotcha covered my plant-eating friend. 😉

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Clean Eating Vegetarian Grocery List

Vegetarian Clean Eating Grocery List





















Picture it — you stick to your clean eating all week, but as soon as 5pm hits on Friday night, all bets are off.
Eating clean on the weekends can be rough!

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to stickin’ to your clean eatin’ program, no matter what day of the week it is!

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How to Eat Clean on the Weekend!

How to eat clean on the weekend





















You stuck to your Clean Eating plan all day, got all your food and all you water in…but you are feeling snacky around 8-9 pm.
You know you shouldn’t eat too much late at night, but ya gotta have sumthin.

Get this mini-guide into your hot little (hungry) hands now — 8 Foods to Eat Before Bed (that won’t pack on the pounds!).

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8 Foods to Eat Before Bed

8 foods at bed time





















Ready to take your commitment up a notch?


Pick up my 4 Week Meal Plan (with over 50 Recipes!) now for only $17!

4 week meal plan TPS Fit