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Crock-pot Orange Chicken with Sweet Potato — What a Crock Challenge

Today I have another delicious chicken recipe for you. Again the recipe calls for chicken thighs. You can use bone in and pick out the bones as you eat, or go ahead and buy boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I’ve also made this with chicken breast (cut into quarters before cooking), […]

what a crock challenge orange chicken with sweet potatoes

what a crock challenge chicken chilli

Crock-pot Chicken Chilli — What a Crock Challenge

I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes. This is quick and easy. I buy the boneless, skinless chicken thighs at the store whenever possible. You can cut it into bite-sized chunks when you get home and store it in a ziplock bag, or just leave them whole and cut […]

Crock-pot Overnight Oatmeal — What a Crock Challenge

While I’m not usually the first one up, it’s rare that someone makes me breakfast. With the help of the crock-pot and a programmable coffee maker, I can wake up to coffee and oatmeal in the morning. It’s amazing and only takes a few minutes of work the night before. […]

what a crock challenge overnight oatmeal

what a crock challenge roast chicken and veggies

Crock-pot Roasted Chicken & Veggie — What a Crock Challenge

One of the requests was more chicken recipes and of course I’m happy to oblige. Here’s a year-round favourite. Slow Roasted Chicken With Vegetables. 1 (3 1/2 lb.) chicken 1/2 t salt 1/4 t pepper 1 cup chopped carrots 1/2 chopped onion 3/4 C chicken broth 1 t dried tarragon […]

Crock-Pot Deconstructed Turkey Pot Pie — What a Crock Challenge

Pot pies are always a favourite around here. They make such great comfort food. Sadly I don’t often have time to make a traditional chicken or turkey pot pie from scratch and bake it in a pie crust; plus it’s not very healthy. This is my healthy take on it. […]

what a crock challenge deconstructed turkey pot pie