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I work with women in their 30s and 40s who want to learn how to create real-life, long term/maintainable changes with their weight loss.

My coaching style will take you from wherever you are in your weight loss journey and teach you how to get rid of unhealthy habits, while learning healthier ones. In order for positive change to take place we must realize it will take work, however with me by your side we will walk (or run if that’s more your speed) towards your goals, one step at a time.

We’d be a great match if:

  • you are confused and/or overwhelmed by all the information out there on what it takes to lose weight the healthy way
  • you struggle to find balance with food and exercise
  • you’ve tried diet after diet and are so over the latest “diet fad”
  • you truly want to learn to accept your body and what it can do for you
  • you crave guidance, accountability and support from someone who has been through the weight loss “game” and came out the other side wiser, healthier, fitter and happier
  • you are ready to do the work. Cuz it will take work. But you are brave and ready to learn!

We’re prob not a good match if:

  • you are looking for a quick fix
  • you want to lose 50 lbs…by next week
  • you won’t exercise
  • you aren’t willing to work on personal development (via reading books, blogs and articles or listening to podcasts or audio books)
  • you aren’t willing to try new foods and/or recipes (don’t worry, I won’t have you trying weird stuff like goat testicles)
  • you aren’t willing to learn


Listen, I know how hard change can be.


I remember the exact place I stood in my hallway, putting away some towels when I thought to myself, “God just wants me to be fat. There are lots of fat peeps in this world. I guess I’m just gonna have to accept that I am one of them”.


In that instant, I don’t know if it was divine intervention or just my good ol’ common sense kickin in…but my very next thought after that defeatist one was…“uh-uh girlie. You’re not goin down like that. You are not givin up like that. It’s time to make some changes”.


And that is when I started my own weight loss journey, about 10ish years ago.


I had to go it alone…there weren’t really any gals out there who did what I do…help women with weight loss.


Everywhere I looked all I could find was skinny, super-fit and “Barbie-doll” gals who claimed they were coaches…but didn’t have any educational background. And I think that is extremely important. I am an ISSA trained Fitness Nutritionist.


Anyone and their dog can claim to be a “health coach”. But what they really are is glorified cheer-leaders who don’t have a clue on how to prepare a meal plan with the proper balance of macros and micros. Or their idea of a workout program is to grab a DVD workout.


That’s not what I do.


I will create a meal plan and a workout program based on your likes/dislikes/goals/needs/time and abilities.


Only got 30 minutes/day, 4 days/week to exercise?
Then I won’t have you doing 2 hours weight lifting sessions 6 days/week.


Hate the sight of fish?
You won’t see a flake of it on your meal plan (even though there are many different kinds of fish and I’m sure if you tried one kind you might like it cuz it’s so good for you hahahaha).


My style of coaching will not work if you want a one-sized fits all meal and exercise program that isn’t catered to you. Also, I’m not the kind of coach that’ll let you just skate on by.

But…if you are ready to clean up your diet, dial in some nutrition and get sweaty in your workouts so you can create more positive habits and a healthier outlook on life, while losing weight permanently, here’s how we can work together:



If you are ready to learn how to make sustainable and flexible health changes and permanent weight loss (the old school-slow-and-steady kind), from a coach who is professionally trained and has first-hand experience and understands and also who wants nothing more than to see you succeed, let’s work together.


Work with me.


Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

6 Week Online 1:1 Coaching: $397US (tx included)

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There are no refunds for my Online Coaching. If you have any Qs, ask them before purchasing my services as once you pay for your coaching, there will be absolutely no refunds. It sucks, but there’s some baaaad peeps out there who just want to take advantage of peeps, so you can thank them for my “No Refunds Ever” policy 😉