10 Benefits of HIIT Training

I hate cardio.

Let me be clear…I super hate cardio! But HIIT training, well that I can get on board with!

HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and the benefits are too numerous to ignore — espesh if you are looking to burn fat faster and HATE cardio, like me. Ready for 10 Benefits of HIIT Training?

Let’s dive in!

10 benefits of hiit training


Benefit #1 Benefit of HIIT Training

Your metabolism is boosted for up to 48 HOURS after a complete High Intensity Interval training routine. This means you’ll still be burning fat even after you’re done your workout!!! Most cardio workouts stop the fat-burning process when you stop the workout. But not with HIIT!

Benefit #2

It can be done ANYWHERE!!!
You don’t need to join an expensive gym — you can do this workout anywhere — in your bedroom, hotel room, heck I’ve done it on a beach in Jamaica!

It’s the perfect answer to all the excuses floating in your head. One of my Fave ways to do HIIT training while keeping it fun is to do a DVD workout! This is one of my FAVES!

Benefit #3

It can be a quick workout — anywhere from 10-30 minutes is all you need to spend on this type of cardio training!! That’s why is is perfect for those days when you are strapped for time, or if you’ve “accidently” skipped your workout a few days in a row 😉 Why spend hours on the treadmill when you can be MORE efficient with your time AND efforts! Just be sure to keep your intensity HIGH and you are good to go!

Benefit #4

No Equipment Needed! All you need is your good ol God Pod with this kind of workout. No dumbbells, no bands or balls, just a high-impact sports bra and proper training shoes and you are all set for a fantabulous, sweaty workout. High knees, split jump squats, or even squat punches work really well and get your heart rate up — fast!

Benefit #5 Benefit of HIIT training

You will lose fat, but not muscle! Anyone on a regular “diet” program knows the concern that comes with working out to lose fat, but maintain lean muscle. Most of your weight loss comes from your fat stores with HIIT. You can actually burn up to NINE times more calories and fat with this training, as opposed to countless hours of LIIS, or low-intensity interval training.

Benefit #6

The workouts are intense — for sure — but never boring! This is not the kind of workout you can do while flipping through a magazine or chatting casually with your BFF (best fit friend). Because this kind of workout is so short, you will be working hard the whole time. However, the tradeoff is a quicker workout and faster results.

Benefit #7

Your workouts can be low impact. Even though I mentioned high knees and split squat jumps in Benefit #4, if you have bad knees, are quite overweight or brand-spanking new to HIIT and aren’t able to do plyometric-type moves…then don’t!

Fast feet, jump-free squats, 1-leg running, mountain climbers, wood-chops and squat punches (video of this workout coming soon) are all low-impact moves that can get your heart pumping and your fat-burning potential turned on high.

Benefit #8

You can be in any shape at all to do HIIT! Don’t let bro-science convince you that your heart will explode if you try HIIT (puleese, people). You will probably have to moderate and take longer rest breaks, but you can do anything you allow your mind to accept. Some great examples of HIIT obese or severely overweight gals can do are sit-squats to overhead press, half sit-ups, half pushups on your knees, swimmers, and low planks.

Benefit #9Benefit of HIIT training

You will build a healthier heart. Most people aren’t used to pushing their bodies into an anaerobic zone (that point where you can’t breathe and your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest). But in this case, pushing yourself provides more than just fat loss benefits. “HIIT training is designed to develop a healthier heart and circulatory system”, according to recent research. 

Benefit #10

You only need to do HIIT 1-2x/week to see max benefits! In fact, you really aren’t supposed to do this kind of cardio more than that! Because it is so taxing on your system, any more than 3 hiit workouts a week (I know I said two, but if your fitness levels are intermediate to advanced, you could do up to 3 hiit sessions a week, but you don’t need to, to see quick results) could lead to burnout or even worse, injury.

So the question you are probably wondering is…do I do HIIT training myself and if so, how often and what kind?

I do do HIIT!

I currently only do it about once a week, but only because I am in month 3 of a 3 month body-building type workout program. There is not much cardio at all in this program, as the focus for me right now is to build muscle. I do one sesh of yoga weekly, one HIIT sesh weekly, 3 ab-centric workouts weekly and 4 body-building type workouts weekly. Sounds like a lot, right? It is, but if you know me at all, I’m all about efficiency with my workouts so I multi-task and do 10  minutes of abs after one of my body-building type workouts.

My yoga workout and HIIT cardio workout are stand-alone workouts meaning that is the only workout I do that day. Recovery is key, no matter what your goals are so I take every Saturday off, and Sunday is my yoga day. Wednesday or Thursday is my HIIT cardio day. Every other workout is broken down into a leg, chest and tricep, back and bicep or a shoulder workout, and I spread out throughout the week.

Side Note: HIIT cardio was the very first kind of workout I did when I was first starting my own weight loss journey. I weighed in at over 210 lbs and the DVD workout I mentioned at the beginning of this workout was the workout I did to lose 32 lbs in 3 months. Not too shabby for an obese gal.

If you would like to try a HIIT workout program, contact me or comment below and I can create one specific to your current fitness level and weight loss needs.

Oh, and go ahead and let me know below in the comments if you like, love or love to hate HIIT. 😉

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