15 Flat Belly Superstars (you’re gonna wanna stock up on these)

Filling your kitchen with these 15 Flat Belly Superstars will do double duty to help you fight the battle of the bulge and hunger! Remember my two biggies when it comes to weight loss — baby steps and no more dieting!

15 Flat Belly Superstars

Belly Bloat.

Muffin Top.

Middle-age Spread.

It’s like all these euphemisms are curse words 😉

Daily Burn

But if you are anything like me, and struggle daily with a bloated belly, then it’s a seemingly never-ending fight just to get our pants buttoned up some days. However, simply stocking your kitchen with the right foods, ones that delight the palate and satisfy your hunger without bloating your belly could def help you!

The key is to choose foods that have the right amount of satisfying nutrients (like protein and healthy carbs and healthy fats) but are also lower in calories and sugars.

Check out my 15 Flat Belly Superstars that will keep you on the straight and narrow with your clean eating diet plan, and also keep your belly slimmer. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna stock up on these!

NOTE* I have dietary issues like IBS that cause my belly bloat, and you may too. I am also lactose and gluten intolerant. When I do consume these foods (whether on purpose or not), it’s a sure-fire guarantee that I will wake up looking 6 months pregnant. #notthatthereisanythingwrongwiththat. Except I’m not pregnant. Some days it’s just a fact of my body that I have to learn to accept, which I slowwwwly am 😉

Pantry Staples

  1. Almond flour–perform a switcharoo with the refined junk for this gluten-free flour in your weekend pancakes and baked goods. Your “treats” will have almost four times more fibre and twice the amount of satiating protein!
  2. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder–by adding a tablespoon of cocoa to your morning smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal you are adding the taste of something decadent while only adding in 12 extra calories. Bonus! Plus, cocoa has been shown to help lower your BMI (body mass index).
  3. Chicken Broth–beef or veggie broth will also do. Just make sure it is the reduced-sodium variety. Broth isn’t just for homemade soups anymore! I use it instead of oil in my stir-frys, and water in my rice. I even saute up some carrots and chickpeas as a nice, light side dish.
  4. Pumpkin Puree–it’s not just for Thanksgiving, anymore 😉 This pantry staple can be used for just about anything to make your dish more creamy and delish! Think of substituting it for oil or sour cream in pasta sauces, stews and baked yummies. You’ll save significant amount of calories and also get all the yummy benefits pumpkin has to offer.
  5. foods that fight belly bloatCanned salmon–another food in the flat belly fight is canned salmon. While I do prefer fresh salmon, in a pinch (or when it’s not on sale hehe) I stock up on canned Sockeye Salmon. It’s a much more affordable way to get this fatty cold-water fish into my diet. I try and eat salmon (fresh or canned) at least once a week, preferably two. Canned salmon doles out a hefty dose of Vitamin D plus those oh-so-vital omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are deficient in most North American diets but crucial for weight loss and a healthier metabolism. If you can find them, opt for wild-caught fish like the kind from Wild Planet and look for BPA-free cans.
  6. Soba Noodles–this noodle is a Japanese staple and for good reason. Made from buckwheat (sorry, my gluten-free friend, this one isn’t for you), soba noodles are high in protein. Use these noodles instead of regular, refined white pasta for a more satisfying meal. Or, pair them up with chicken broth and veggies for a one-bowl supper.
  7. Coconut milk–I love the versatility of coconut milk. Add a splash or two to your smoothies, soups, and stir-fries! You’ll get a boost of creaminess without actually using a high-calorie cream. Wanna steal one of my fave sweet treat recipes? Beat coconut cream until you get stiff peaks for a super-fast, super-yum whipped topping that has literally half the calories of the canned stuff! Plus, no added sugar needed! #Score

Side note: if you are struggling with intense, never-ending sugar cravings, then you just gotta pick up my Sugar Craving Busters eBook. It’s completely free and I promise you these recipes (over 25!) will have you quashing even the strongest of cravings while still keeping you on the clean eating train. Choo Choo!! lol 😉

Freezer and Fridge

  1. Lemons–use these fruit instead of heavy sauces or dressings. You can squeeze it over chicken, veggies or fish. It adds such a light and bright flavour and has next to no calories. Hint: limes do well here too. I remember the year hubsy and I went to the Dominican. The food wasn’t top notch and everything had mayo or yucky sauces that I didn’t like. I turned to lime wedges, as they were in abundance. I added squeezes of limes to everything that trip. When I came home I tried to keep up with my healthier habit but the limes just don’t taste quite the same here as over there. Ah well. 🙂
  2. Frozen bananas-what a fab way to use up almost-too ripe ‘nanners. When frozen, these potassium-rich superfoods make any smoothie taste like a creamy dessert. You can also use them as a low-cal “ice cream”. Just add some coconut milk and voila — instant dessert that doesn’t have any added sugars.easy weight loss
  3. Eggs–I love eggs. Like a lot. Prob too much. I eat them every, single day. Adding eggs to your usual carb-heavy breakfast has been shown to aid in weight loss. However, they’re not just for breakfast anymore. Hard-boil some up for lunch or a big salad at dinner. Any way you look at it, eggs are a low cal (just 70 per egg) and high protein (6 g each) option.
  4. Plain Greek Yogurt–if you want to take this suggestion one step further, consider lactose-free plain Greek yogurt (it’s what I use and recommend to all my clients). This staple is creamy and makes a delish parfait when mixed with frozen berries and a twinge of stevia. One of my most fave flat belly desserts!easy weight loss
  5. Olives–Ha! Bet you didn’t think you’d see this superfood on my list! But olives provide a savory, rich flavour and contains healthy fats. Yup, your body needs healthy fats. Just make sure you are using them properly, and in moderation. One serving is about 5 olives and will only add 20 calories to your salad, pasta or omelette!
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar–makes a great alternative for regular vinegar in homemade salad dressings. It helps to lower blood sugar levels. It also helps reduce cravings (next time you have a unhealthy carb craving, do an apple vinegar shot. Sounds nutso, but trust me, it works!).
  7. Frozen Berries–what healthy food list would be complete without berries, right?  I make berries (fresh is perfect when they are in season) my go-to dessert when I’m feeling like somethin’ after dinner. You can cut calories drastically by eating berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, it doesn’t matter) while also loading up on metabolism-boosting nutrients. You can try them warmed up with the plain Greek yogurt I mentioned above or keep them icy cool blended into a smoothie.belly bloat
  8. Clarified Butter aka Ghee–what a superfood powerhouse! Ghee aids in digestion and nutrient assimilation (the ability of your body to absorb as many nutrients as possible). Organic ghee is available in natural foods stores.

The simple strategy when working towards deflating your belly bloat is to fill your kitchen with healthier options that will also do double duty to burn fat and fight hunger. Eating clean to lose weight is the slowest way to ditch the unwanted lb’s, but it is the safest, most economical and most readily available option for anyone today.

Remember, baby-step it! If adding all 15 of these superfoods to your grocery list seems too daunting, then don’t. Pick 1 or 2 this week and keep replacing those options as you run out and get used to having them in your clean eating diet.

Nobody said you had to do a complete 180 with your eating habits in one shot. Smaller chunks over a longer time period has been proven time and time again to be the best strategy. It’s one that is most acceptable and manageable.

The only way to get rid of bad habits is to slowly replace them with good ones. That’s the “big secret” diet companies don’t want you to know. #doyourbestandforgettherest

Let me know how you do with this list. Work with it for a bit. Then come back and post a comment below to share with me how it went. I’d love to hear from you!


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