You’re Doing it All Wrong – 3 Tips to Help Your Diet Succeed!

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3 Tips: You’re Doing it All Wrong – what a wake up call! To hear that you may be dieting wrong after all this time…not exactly the most positive thought for the day, right?
Hear me out.

When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about boosting your metabolism so it can burn more calories when at rest. Adding in exercise greatly increases your ability to lose weight faster, as long as you are eating correctly. Here are my Top 3 Tips to help you reach your weight loss goals:

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Tip #1: Stop Dieting

When I say “stop dieting” I mean stop living the diet mentality. Society has us believing that in order to blast that fat we have to stop eating…altogether. Less is more, right?


When we restrict our caloric intake, we do lose weight. But, it also slows our metabolism by losing muscle too. Not good.

Dieting is not a long-term solution. It’s a good short-term plan. Dieting works at first, no doubt about it. But if you don’t adjust your caloric intake as you do shed the lb’s you are only setting yourself up to fail in the long run. Ya gots ta stop that dieting-yo-yo-cycle. Otherwise, you’ll gain the weight back…plus more.

This reminds me of the time I worked at a “diet pill” store. Their mantra was “no exercise, lots of dieting and diet pills”. Did I lose the weight? Yup! About 20 lbs that summer. Did I gain the weight back? Yup, about 30 lbs the following winter. I know the struggles with yo-yo dieting and restricting calories plus taking diet pills (which are mainly nothing more than appetite suppressants) will back-fire on your. G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E-D!

Instead, opt to eat a clean, well balanced diet and have patience!

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Tip #2: You Need Muscle

This is why a restrictive diet causes you to lose the weight and then gain it back plus more. (A restricted diet that cuts out everything bad i.e. sugar, treats or cheats, unhealthy food etc. Two that come to mind are the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Watermelon Diet). You do lose weight, but in that is water, fat and muscle.

That’s not good.

Muscle is needed to burn more fat and calories, and muscle keeps us young, too. Muscle is like the fountain of youth so-to-speak.

If you’re not doing some form of exercise that builds muscle, then you are losing muscle i.e endless hours of cardio. When you lose muscle, you are slowing your metabolism. When you slow down your metabolism, weight loss slows to a crawl too.

See how it all ties together?

Ideally you want to do some form of weight-lifting workouts 3 times a week minimum, 4 is best. Just be sure you are lifting heavy enough to build muscle, whether you are using your body weight (excellent for obese gals or beginners) or hand held weights like dumbbells or resistance bands.

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Tip #3: Know Your Numbers

The last of my 3 tips is underestimating what you are consuming is just as bad as overestimating what you are consuming. This includes food and drinks. When you over/under estimate what you are eating and drinking, you are then over/under estimating what you are burning off in your workouts.

You need to know how many calories you’re consuming so you can know how many you are burning.

You also need to know how much protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates you are eating. The easiest way to get an idea of what you are noshing on is to use a food/fitness tracking app. Two I like are the ever popular My Fitness Pal and My Macros +.

I use the free version of MFP. Because I am a certified Fitness Nutritionist I already know my break-down of what protein, carbs and fats are and maybe you do too. But if you can swing it, the paid version is fabulous. I think it runs about $12/month CND so it’s not the cheapest app, but it does give you your money’s worth (no, I am not sponsored by MFP, I just really like this app).

My Macros + is also a great app but I just was used to how MFP worked so I never got the hang of using it (not sponsored by MM+ either, just giving you some helpful hints). I’m not sure on the price/month for MM+ so you’ll have to do a little research yourself. Btw, MM+ does have some helpful “How to Use” videos on their website to it’s worth checking out.

So were you doing it all wrong? Did these 3 tips help set you on the straight and narrow? Are you cutting calories too much for your current weight and weight loss goals? Are you weight training regularly? And do you track every morsel that you pop in your mouth?

Never give up on your goals. Keep trying new things till you find what works for you. Took me 10 years. Let’s hope it takes you less time 😉

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