4 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Get Fit & Lose Fat 4

About 6 years ago I made the decision start working out and eating a little healthier in order to lose fat. The thing was, I had no idea how! I mean sure, we all know we need to do a little cardio and eat a few more salads, but after while, that stopped working.

Now that I’ve been doing this for quite a few years, I learned what to do and what not to do. Here are my top 4 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Get Fit & Lose Fat.

4 mistakes women make when trying to lose weight

I should preface this by stating that there is no one-trick fits all when it comes to losing fat and getting fit. So many variable come into play like age, body type, fitness ability and even commitment. If you have any doubts if you are on the right path or not, let’s connect and we can get you on a proper plan to help you get to your goals.

  1. You don’t lift weights.

    Lifting weights, whether it be your good ol God Pod (body weight) or actually lifting dumbbells, kettlebells etc. increases your metabolism. This is turn, speeds up the fat burning process.

    Lifting weights also changes the shape of your body. Instead of spending endless hours on cardio and creating a “skinny fat” body shape, adding weight (aka strength) training to your workout routine will sculpt your body into a leaner look.

    The biggest misconception about lifting weights? That you will bulk up like a dude. Not so! Check out this blog post I wrote on common fitness myths. Muscle take up 4/5 less space than fat. The key is to lift as heavy as you can with food form, add at least 3 strength training sessions each week to your current fitness program. Ideally you will get strong enough to be building muscle with 4-5 strength workouts a week, which is on average how often I lift.

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    2. You’re Logging Too Much Time on the Treadmill

    Too much cardio actually works against all your hard fat loss efforts. More is not better. Excessive cardio doesn’t preserve your muscle, which is very important to sustained weight loss and overall fitness.

    Cardio puts your body in a state of high stress. High levels of stress result in increased production of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is stored, when in excess, in your mid-section. Are you under a lot of stress and have a big muffin top?? Say hello and thank you to your high cortisol levels.

    The ideal amount of cardio you should be engaging in weekly is 1-3 sessions max. They should last no longer than 30 minutes a session; 20 minutes is ideal. The key is to work intensely during these cardio sessions, not mindlessly flipping through a magazine or watching tv while climbing on a stair climber or elliptical. Better yet, opt for a HIIT workout where you can get in and out in 10-20 minutes.


    3. You don’t eat a proper balance of macros.

    Macros is short for macronutrients, which is protein, carbs and fats. You need all 3 in a healthy, clean eating diet. Ideally you want clean protein, unprocessed carbs and healthy fats. Yes, you do need carbs and fats to lose fat. Eating a low carb diet won’t give you the energy you need to get through a tough workout, let alone your day in general.


    Unless you are carb cycling and know what you are doing, carbs are required if you want to get fit and lose fat. When I say “know what you are doing”, I mean obtaining an eating plan from a professional, not something you found in a magazine.

    The same goes with healthy fats! Not all fat is bad! In fact the quickest way to heal IBS and gut issues is to start consuming healthy fats. The lower in fat your diet is, the more you are messing up your hormones. That’s not good if you are pushing 46 like me! 😉

    Example of clean protein = chicken, fish, grass-fed beef and whey protein powder

    Examples of good carbs = raspberries, steel cut oats and sweet potatoes

    Examples of healthy fats = avocado, coconut oil and ground flax seed.

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    4. Unrealistic Expectations

    I’m gonna come right now and be super-duper blunt…the weight did not go on overnight girl, and it ain’t comin off overnight either. Phew, ok now that I’ve said it, let’s be friends again 😉 so I can explain what I mean.

    Expecting to lose say, 20 lbs in one week is not only an impossible goal, it’s one that is setting you up for failure! I want you to set yourself up to WIN! That is my ultimate goal when I work with my clients — to show them how to be winners with their healthy eating habits, and regular fitness they actually like and living a happy and fulfilled life.

    A more realistic fat loss goal is anywhere from 1/2 to 2 lbs of fat loss a week. However, many gals lose weight, or inches (like me!). Quite often it is not one and the same.

    If you notice your weight loss progress has stalled, get out that measuring tape and start recording your bust, waist and hip measurements. Also, I highly recommend taking progress pics about once or twice a month. No, you may not want anyone to see these photos (keep them under lock and key on your phone or in a file folder on your laptop). However, they are crucial for motivation and inspiration when you are seeing the numbers move on the scale. Trust me on this, it works!

    Your weight loss journey and it’s success (and speed of success) is directly linked to your mindset. If you think you can’t or won’t lose the weight, girl, you’re right! You will not succeed if you don’t believe in the process, and your abilities.

In the end, slow and steady wins the race girl. It has definitely been that way for me, and you know what? That’s ok! I lost the greatest amount of weight (35 lbs) in my first 3 months of seriously working out, way back in 2013. But my body has changed so much more since then.

I was a Size 18 when I started, I am now a size 12. I was sick all the time, since then I’ve been diagnosed with IBS. Now I am working on healing my gut. I also discovered I am gluten and lactose intolerant (often goes with an IBS diagnosis). I went from an angry, fearful, moody shell of a woman who hid all the time at home to one who loves to help others. My passion for life truly is one of passion. Everything I do, I aim to do with love.  Some days are better than others lol 😉

Before it was “my way or the highway”. I often fought with hubsy, now we have the most loving and caring relationship. No, he is not on this health and wellness journey with me. But that’s not my battle. My battle is keeping my eating habits healthy 80% of the time, and working out 3-5x/week. I also regularly study my Bible to help strengthen my faith and give me hope.

It took me a long time to get here. The joy truly is in the journey. I love who I am, what I stand for and my body, meh. It will come. One thing I know for sure is these 4 tips got me on the straight and narrow, and I hope they will help you too.

Action Time!

Post b’low one tip (more if you’re a Super Star!) from the list above that you are going to fix right now. Remember, we’re all in this together, girlie!

If you are ready for your own transformation (body, mind and soul) then let’s work together! I have a fabulous program where we could work 1:1 together!


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4 thoughts on “4 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Get Fit & Lose Fat

  • Bee | Better than busy

    You are so right that if it doesn’t go on overnight it can’t come off overnight. We are usually looking for instant gratification and this is one area where it is definitely better to go slow and steady. I love that you shared your own story here too – thank you so much for sharing.

    • Tanya Post author

      Sadly yes, we are living in a society of instant gratification — I totes agree. We are actually raised this way in some cases and that plays into one’s success at times, too. Thnk you for appreciating my story, I’m just like any gal in her mid 40s — working on her health, fitness and happiness. 🙂 Thanks so much for popping in today, Bee <3

    • Tanya Post author

      What is eat is what 70% or 80% of how you lose weight or maintain it? —-> Not sure what you meant to say, Sweets but weight loss AND maintenance all boils down to eating clean for life. <3 Thanks a mil for your comment, Bekah <3