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As if January wasn’t bad enough, here we are in the middle of February, looking to get motivated to keep up with our workouts! I’ve got 10 surefire ways to boost your workout motivation, girl, and it starts with Y-O-U!

10 surefire ways to boost your workout motivation tpsfit


1. The Early Bird Gets the Worm

You’ve heard the saying before from successful business peeps, “I get more done by 8 am that most people get done all day”. Well, this can be used to improve your self motivation with your work AND workouts!

Those who get up an hour or two earlier than normal to pump out some reps and get a good sweat sesh in are more likely to keep their workout schedule and improve the rest of their day.

Working out produces feel-good hormones i.e. endorphins, right? And when you boost these hormones earlier in the day, chances are you will get more done with everything else your busy schedule throws at you, and you’ll also become addicted to this feeling. Sure, in the beginning it may be hard.

Everything that you aren’t used to in the beginning is hard. You need to get over that.

In order to find your workout motivation, repeated behaviour is necessary, until it becomes a habit. If you are a morning peep, get to steppin first thing in the a.m. to reap the self-motivating rewards.

2. Change Up Your Program

A sure-fire way to find your workout motivation is to do a switcheroo and change your normal go-to workout.

Prefer sticking at home? Hire an online trainer (like me).

Work 1-1 with TPS Fit

Big fan of the gym? Throw in a workout DVD.

Travel lots and always use the hotel gym? Stream a new workout on your laptop.

Stuck on cardio? Try a Spin class.

You get where I am going with this. Create new ways to boost your workout motivation.

Far too often we fall into ruts. I was in a complete workout rut back in December after completing yet another DVD workout. I had been doing DVD workouts for over 3 years. In January I switched it up to an Online program that I can still do at home, but now leave the tv off and it has done wonders for my body AND my boredom. 😉

Not only do we find ourselves just going thru the motions when we are in a workout rut, our bodies no longer respond to the workout and our gains and losses stop too. Enter the workout plateau. 🙁

Set a new fitness goal (using the S.M.A.R.T. system — set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals) and allow yourself to become a beginner again. As a result, you’ll become excited all over again and therein find your daily workout motivation!

3. 5 Minute Rule

I use this tactic with all my clients…as somewhere along the way, we all lose our gym gumption and start looking for workout motivation tips! Enter the 5 minute rule.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and just start moving. I usually like to play really loud dance music (true story)! After 5 minutes if you aren’t into, you have my permission to call it a day. Cuz some days just suck. No other way to say it.


…my guess is that after those 5 minutes you will find your energy, your inner heat is building and you will start, well, feeling it. You will want to do your workout. I use the 5 minute rule at least twice a week myself. And the music always gets me!

4. Switch Up Your Playlist

Now this is one I had to do twice in the last 2 months. As we get into workout slumps, so do we get into music slumps. And I needs my music to pump out a good workout!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully, iTunes is very affordable lol 😉 Plus, you can always find great Spotify playlists and even music stations on your tv satellite dish. Get creative and download some new tunes to find your best workout motivation!

5. Shop Till Ya Drop

If this isn’t the best way to boost your workout motivation, I don’t know what is! What is it about a new pair of runners or workout leggings that just make you feel better in the gym?


It’s no secret that I am addicted to workout leggings, and when you find great deals like this, you can afford to shop for new workout clothes every month! Check out the dealio I just picked up from Fabletics the other day!

6. Create a Motivation Wall/Board

Last month was a ruff one, no? And often times I found myself sitting on my gym floor, pre-workout all sipped and still trying to find how to boost my motivation. 

That’s when I decide to build a motivation wall. You can do this on a much smaller scale if you don’t have the wall space or prefer to be a little more private (and clearly this works best for those with at-home gyms). You could create a Motivation board, like a Dream or Goal Board, but just for fitness. I like to create a Goal Board for my business and try and change it up every 3 months or so (which reminds me, I am due to change mine up asap). Why not apply the same principles to boosting my workout motivation, but on a much larger scale I thought one day?

fitness goal board

Photo Cred: gymdigest.com

I got out all my old fitness mags (yes, I have a stash going back 5-6 years now), mostly from Oxygen Magazine. I pulled out the workout motivation quotes and taped them to one wall in my gym.

You could also create a digital form of this, using Pinterest as your guide to find loads upon loads of fitness motivation quotes. Create a Pinterest board of just this and open it on your phone every time you go to workout. Works like a charm. Find which way works best for you. Then do it!

7. Show Me The Money, Honey

You know that Swear Jar concept? Every time you swear in front of your kids, you put a loonie (one dollar for my non-Canadian readers lol) in a jar in hopes that a) you’ll stop swearing or b) pile up a wad of cash lol 😉

Same concept, healthier outcome.

Every time you complete a workout, add a loonie or toonie (2 dollars coin up here in the Great White North lol) to a jar and at the end of a month/3 months/6 months, treat yourself to something valuable, but nothing food related.

I see another reason to shop for workout clothes again, but maybe for you it’s a spa day. Or maybe you like to read so you stock up on some new inspiration/motivational books (check out below my fave ones to boost happiness, habits and motivation). Perhaps you’d like to get a new journal or maybe even a new Vitamix blender (this is the one I have) to make up all your yummy shakes and smoothies. Just throwing some ideas at you. You get the point.

Invest in you…and boost your workout motivation at the same time.


The Happiness AdvantageThe Happiness AdvantageThe Slight EdgeThe Slight EdgeBig MagicBig Magic

8. Get a Workout Buddy

Studies show that for those who often find themselves starting and quitting over and over with their fitness and healthy eating do really well when they have a friend or family member join them.

It doesn’t mean that your Fit Gal Pal has to be on the same journey as you (whether it be weight loss, general health and wellness or training for a 5K), it just means that you have someone else pushing you to get your workout in on the days where you just aren’t feeling it.

boost workout motivation


I am a lone wolf when it comes to weight training. I prefer to workout alone, headphones in and ball cap down. But when it comes to taking a class, I like to have a workout buddy. Not sure why, maybe it just makes it more enjoyable. Either way, find a fellow mom in your child’s swim class, ask your mom or sis or start chatting up the gal who always seems to be at the gym when you are. Forge new friendships. Become happier and healthier.

The last 2 ways to boost your workout motivation are a bit on the tough-Tanya-talk end of the advice-spectrum, but you know me, I hold no punches. Maybe it’s because I used to be the QUEEN of excuses. Either way, before you dismiss these ideas, let them sink in and mull them over.

9. Take a Break

Yup, I went there. Sometimes your lack of exercise motivation is a sign that you are over-training. I know about every 3 months or so, I needs to take me a workout-vaycay.

A little time off, for your body AND brain could give you the comeback your body and brain needs. Now this doesn’t mean you should go back to your unhealthy ways of scarfing down half a litre of ice cream every night or eating take-out, drive-thru meals all weekend long. Nor does it mean to stop moving altogether.

As long as you are moving daily, whether that is a long walk or some foam rolling, or some hot yoga or even a Pop Pilates workout, pick and end-date for your fitness-hiatus and keep moving. I like to take at least a week off every 3 months, but if you need more, take more. Just don’t sit on your tushie. You don’t want to blow all your hard-earned muscle gains and all that fat loss!

10. Get Reals, Baby!

I think the quickest and best way activity you can do when it comes to figuring out how to boost your motivation…is to have a long talk with yourself. Are you not feeling motivated because you are depressed? Is the winter weather getting you down (S.A.D. is a real thing, and it is taking it’s toll on my motivation this year big time).

Is it someone in your way? Sometimes fam members just don’t get why you are making all these “healthy”changes and feel threatened by your will to lose the weight, find your fitness and become a more positive person.

Are you getting in your own way? Are you just making up excuses because “it’s so hard” or you aren’t seeing results fast enough. This used to be me BIG TIME.

Then someone once said something to me that really cut to my core and made me mad…but when I went home and really thought about what he said, although I hated to admit it with every fibre of my being…he was right.

You gotta quit whining and start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.


But it’s true Fit Friend <3 And I say this to you with so much love because I know that this is tough to hear, let alone acknowledge and then accept. But ya gotta quit complaining and start doing!

Of course it is hard at first. Girlfriend, you’ve done easy. You’ve got that gold medal. You have sat on your tush for years in front of the tv every night eating whatever crap food you have on hand, silently hating yourself more and more with every bite. “Just one more” you fool yourself into thinking. Or, “I’ll start again tomorrow”, knowing you really have zero intention of starting anything, except maybe a new bag of double stuffed Oreos or another bottle of wine.

No one can change your future except for you. Ya gotta do the hard to get to the good.

Do you think I went from this to this in under a month by not working out? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

tps fit social media

The workout program I am currently doing is the absolute hardest program I have ever attempted. But if these are the results I can get after just a few weeks, well hells girl, I am in it to win it.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to spend 1-2 hours in the gym 4-5 days a week like I am.

But if I can stress one piece of advice here, you aren’t getting any younger sweets and the fat is not gonna burn away by itself. It’s all up to you. And you can do it. You were made for more. You have the brains to make your life into anything you want.

I’d love to hear what spoke to you the most out of this blog post. Leave me your comment below, maybe what helped you the most or what you will try starting NOW to re-motivate yourself. I want to hear how you are doing! Remember, we are in this together girlie

#LetsGetFitTogether <3

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      Oh so glad, Carrol Ann. Love hearing when something I say speaks to someone. Let me know what it is you are now DOING since that quote spoke to you! 😉 <3

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