Why Coconut Oil Isn’t as Bad as You Think

why coconut oil isn't as bad as you think tps fitHere we go again. A “study” that is telling us that something we’ve been consuming with great delight (Bulletproof coffee, anyone?) is suddenly “bad” for us.

According the the latest from the American Heart Association, coconut oil is not a healthy fat…and actually should never be eaten. The AHA is saying that coconut oil is 82% saturated fat and consumption will raise your LDL cholesterol (the bad kind). This much sat fat puts our beloved coconut oil in the same category now as butter, bacon drippings and…gasp…lard!

Now the realization fear sets in–you’ve been ingesting this horrible, fatty-fat-fat religiously for the past few years and now it’s gonna give you heart disease????

Whoa there. Hold the phone.

Slow your roll, home slice.

Let’s look at who actually paid for this study.

That’s right, the good ol U. S. of A. Heart Association. And who funds the AHA? That’s right, the American government. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that whatever wing-nut came up with these claims have a paid interest? And also, if this “study” were to promote the AHA’s #1 drug, Lipitor, well that wouldn’t be a conflict of interest at all…would it??


The fact still remains. Coconut oil (organic virgin, please) is still waaayy healthier than butter, bacon drippings and lard.

Check out these 20 Coconut Oil Benefits (found on DrAxe.com):

  1. proven Alzheimer’s disease treatment
  2. prevents heart disease and high blood pressure
  3. UTI and kidney infection cure
  4. reduces inflammation and arthritis
  5. cancer prevention and treatment (not 100% sure I agree with this one, but you can read more about this here)
  6. immune system booster (I can personally attest to this!)
  7. improves memory and brain function (took away my morning brain fog!)
  8. increases energy and endurance
  9. enhances digestion
  10. reduces gallbladder and colitis symptoms
  11. promotes healthier skin
  12. prevents gum disease and tooth decay (sadly, I’ve never been able to do this…grosses me out haha)
  13. slows osteoporosis
  14. corrects Type II diabetes (I advise all my clients, even my diabetic girls to consume coconut oil daily)
  15. aids in weight loss
  16. helps to build muscle and burn excess body fat
  17. natural treatment for candida and yeast infections
  18. fab for anti-aging (reduces stress and harmful oxidative processes)
  19. aids in hormone balance (help me Rhonda, do I ever need this!)
  20. dandruff fighter and hair thickener

Ok now lean in close…cuz here’s the catch (you knew there would be one, right)…

Coconut oil does have some side effects!

Although they are rare, some products that are used for cleaning can cause allergic reactions.

Plus, the kind coconut oil you use matters. Always, always use Virgin Organic cold-pressed coconut oil (I like this brand). Refined, bleached coconut oils are chemically treated to enhance their shelf life. This processing removes all the good properties of coconut oil and it ends up about as healthy as that lard I mentioned earlier 🙁

I personally add a teaspoon of coconut or MCT oil to my morning coffee daily with 1/2 scoop of my fave protein powder but you can work your way up to 1 tbsp as one serving. I’m not a huge fan of the taste or even the smell of coconut oil so that’s why I err on the side of caution. Plus, I am tracking and watching my healthy fat intake so for me personally, I may use less than you do.coconut oil in coffee

And that’s it. That’s all the coconut oil I consume each day. It stands to reason that if you go slap-happy with your coconut oil intake then it becomes a less than ideal fat to consume. But you’d have to be consuming cups a day and something tells me you’re not that kind of gal 😉

So go ahead girlfriend and continue to consume that morning Bulletproof coffee.

Cook and bake with coconut oil to your heart’s content.

Oh and one last thing. That “study” that the AHA did that says coconut oil leads to heart disease? Well the lead researcher Ancel Keys and his research was actually discredited.

Feel free to do a little more digging into this raging debate yourself. To be fair, I’m including two articles for you to read up on, on both sides of the “healthy oil battle”.

Pro Coconut Oil

Against Coconut Oil

I’m still sticking with my coconut oil.

Moderation, as with anything and everything in life…is key.

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