Fermented Carrots (How to Heal Your Gut Lining)

Recipe (Probiotic-rich): Fermented Carrots

Ever try Fermented Carrots before? I hadn’t either before I came across this recipe. The finished result is a nice crunchy carrot with a slight “pickled” taste to it. Mmmmmm!

Fermented Carrots

Serves 12

1 L warm water
4 tsp salt
4 carrots, medium, peeled, sliced

1 clove garlic, smashed (optional)


Make a brine by dissolving the salt in water.

Place carrots into a clean canning jar, packing them in tight. Make sure to leave about 1 inch of head space at the top.

Fill the jar with brine, making sure to cover the carrots completely. Weigh the carrots down to make sure they don’t float (you can use a “fermenting weight”).

Close the jar and let it sit at room temperature for 1-4 days. The longer it sits, the more the flavor will develop. Feel free to open and taste.

Serve & enjoy!


  1. Use this as a side dish, or even a snack.
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