Fit for the Holidays: Workouts

Fit for the Holidays: Workouts

fit for the holidays

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Getting fit for the holidays can be tough. It’s mid-December and if you are like me, you are feelin a little stressed and lacking sleep. Staying fit for the holidays with your workouts seems to be just not happening.

But…I know you want to get them in! I know you know that when you do, you feel so good afterwards and the endorphin high is enough to keep you going all day long. How do I know? Cuz that’s the way I feel too!

I am so caught up right now in getting my website created and I’m also studying how to be a better blogger. Yup, even though my expertise is in Fitness and Nutrition, I truly want to learn how to write better and all the ins and outs that go along with running an online business. I’m even taking Pinterest courses! Who knew you had to learn how to use Pinterest?? Well, Pinterest for business is a little different lol ūüėČ

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. It’s vital that we take time to make sure we stay energized and at our best so we can take a step back now and then and make the most that this time of year has to offer. That’s why we need to focus on our workouts during the holidays, so we are less stressed and happier. Here are some tips to help you out so you can keep fit for the holidays.

Prioritize Fit for the Holidays- Workouts, PRIORITIZE

Being healthy makes dealing with all the planned and unexpected surprises that this time of year can bring much easier (Suzie needs how many dozen Christmas cookies for her swim group party tomorrow??). A healthy body will make dealing with this excess stress and intensity a piece of cake. This is why making your fitness and nutrition a priority is key.

I suggest you schedule your workouts during the holidays just like you would a Christmas concert for your kids or even a business appointment. Staying fit for the holidays will make these activities and important appointments so much more enjoyable.

I have literally written down what workout I will do each day on a piece of paper and posted it in my gym. I have also written down in my daytimer the words “workout-1 pm” on my workout days so I know that it’s a necessary part of my day, just like my morning Bulletproof Coffee is (make sure to follow me on Instagram and watch ¬†my daily stories so you can see my behind-the-scenes mornings and how much I treasure my Bulletproof coffees).

It takes 5 minutes to schedule your fitness into your day, aim for at least 3 workouts a week, 5 is even better.

Focus Fit for the Holidays- Workouts, FOCUS

Staying fit for the holidays does involve focus. What’s focus¬†this time of year, right? lol

To make it a little easier for you to handle so it doesn’t add even more stress to your already full¬†time table, focus on daily behaviour, instead of the big picture at this time of year. Thinking about long term results when you are already stressed makes skipping your workouts even more enticing.

Instead, set small, daily goals that are achievable in the short-term.

TRY THIS:  I will throw some Christmas music on full blast and have an all-out dance party with the kids for my workout today

TRY THIS:  I will toss one of my fave 30 minute dvd workouts in the ol dvd player and just have fun instead of worrying about if I am lifting heavy enough today

The key to doing something that seems like a chore when you are super stressed is to turn it into a fun game. Everyone likes to have fun and this time of year, sometimes we need a little more than usual ūüėČ

Relax Fit for the Holidays- Workouts, RELAX

Even though I suggest you keep up with your holiday workouts, I don’t want you over-obsessing about them either. If you do miss a workout or two or have 4 shortbread and cranberry cookies instead of 2 (oh no, I’m not talking about me at all here *insert sarcasm*), just get back on track with your next meal and next scheduled workout.

Think about getting a couple of “me breaks” or “mommy time”. 15 minute breaks during the day to sit quietly and breathe deeply will do wonders for your mental state and patience too.

My fave way to take my “me breaks” right now is to get my Swiss ball out and roll around on it for a few minutes while listening to my fave tunes. It gives my back a break from sitting at my desk all day (I’ve been pulling 12-14 hour days–that’s how much I love learning what I am studying right now!). Sometimes Wizer gets involved and dances around me (he is my almost-5-yr old yellow lab) and Murph ( kitty cat) may even get off his perch and strut along my desk. It’s a family affair lol ūüėČ

I also love doing my nails and a quick 15 minute polish-change is a nice way to spend my break.¬†Oh, candles! I’m a candle gal and lighting a candle really does help me relax.

Maybe for you it’s taking a quick, brisk walk around the block (the fresh air will do you a world of good), or working on that jigsaw puzzle that’s been neglected since before Thanksgiving.

The idea here is to find what works for you and if nothing else, getting in a good sweat sesh will help you from going broke filling up the Swear jar because you ran out of wrapping paper…again!

Make a mental note to do better next time. Stop beating yourself up for something you already did–you can’t go back in time and change what happened. Stressing over it won’t help matters so acknowledge it, and move on. Staying fit for the holidays includes physical and mental fitness.

Rest Fit for the Holidays- Workouts, rest

Lack of sleep is a huge complaint I hear from my clients this time of year. It’s also one of the leading factors in raising your stress levels even higher than they already are. This is turn slows down your metabolic rate, which can turn off (or at the very least turn down) your fat burning potential in and out of your holiday workouts.

Aim for at least 7 hours of quality (no tv or tablet in the bedroom) sleep each night. Set a bedtime for yourself, just like the kiddos have. Don’t rely on more coffee, sugar and chemical-laden energy drinks or alcohol to keep you going. This can and will lead to a crash, whether it’s now or later, but eventually your body will just give out. Ever wonder why you always get sick this time of year? Not getting enough proper sleep is a huge part of the reason.

Do what you can, but make the effort. Simply giving up is not going to put you in a good frame of mind, and this whole Survival Guide is to ensure you have the best holiday season ever. It’s over in a flash and you don’t want to be sitting there come 2017 wondering why you gave up.

I know you can do this. Pick and choose what you can do and let go of trying to do it all. I believe in you. Stick with it, girl! If you need help contact me and we can work together on coming up with a fitness program that suits your goals and needs.

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