The Get Lean Eating Plan Part 2

Hey, glad to see you back! We’re on our way on the Get Lean Eating Plan!

Next, let’s dive into exactly how much your portions of each food group should be. We’re going to break each group down into the following 5 Categories:

  1. Veggies
  2. Fruit
  3. Grains and Starchy Carbs
  4. Protein
  5. Healthy Fats

Just as a reminder, to calculate your Calorie Target for Weight Loss, read Part 1.

The Get Lean Eating Plan looks at weight loss in a balanced way, making sure to give you all the energy you will need to power through your workouts and busy day while still helping you shed those pounds.

For this plan we will be using a ratio of macros that work out to around 40% carbs, 35% protein and 25% healthy fats.

Now that we know approximately how many calories to eat, it’s time to decide what to eat. To make sure you’re getting the correct combo of macronutrients I went ahead and created a special set of food lists.

After each item, you’ll find a measurement. That’s how much you need for one serving. i.e. one serving from the Veggie list might be 2 cups of string beans or 10 baby carrots. It goes without saying that variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Just stick to the list!

You’ll notice at the end of the lists are some Free Foods. Go nuts on your Free Foods, and use them to add panache to your Get Lean Eating Plan.


This list includes leafy greens and other veggies that should be the centrepiece of your eating plan. They’re low in calories, yet dense with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Veggies are also an amazing source of phytonutrients — powerful compounds that give produce it’s colour and also provides you with huge health benefits!

clean eating vegetables for fat loss



Another rich source of phytonutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals, fruit tends to be higher in sugar than most veggies. It’s a healthier sugar than say, a brownie or scoop of ice cream, but still–that’s why fruit should be eaten in moderation BUT make sure you still include it in your healthy, clean eating plan!

clean eating fruit for fast fat loss

Grains and Starchy Carbs

These foods are also great sources of fibre and nutrients. While the foods on this list aren’t quite as nutrish as the ones on the Veggies list, they are an important source of energy and they’ll help make your meals feel satisfying.

carbs to eat to lose weight and burn fat



Protein is comprised of amino acids, the body’s building blocks. That’s why protein is super important! It helps create lean muscle!
Lean protein can also be a source of other important nutrients your body needs, like heart-healthy Omega3’s, as well as blood-healthy iron and bone-healthy calcium and Vitamin D.

clean eating protein for a weight loss diet


Healthy Fats

Dietary fat is such an important source of energy! Also, it helps you stay fuller, longer. I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy between good and bad fats…avoid bad fats at all costs. Seriously. They do SO much damage to your body and brain that it’s downright scary. So what are the kinds of fat you should be eating? Check it out below!

healthy fats to help weight loss


Because I am always asked if nuts and olives are allowed in this plan, I’ve gone ahead and included  their serving sizes for you. Yes! You can have nuts!! Just make sure they are raw and unsalted, please.

fat burning foods nuts


Free Foods

There’s not many things you can have carte blanche with when it comes to eating, but feel free to have as much from this list as you’d like. I suggest using them to add some zing to your diet.

fat burning foods


A Few Tips

  1. Space out your meals. 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks allows you to better absorb nutrients and keep your blood sugar steady. If you aren’t hungry for your snacks, don’t force feed yourself, keeping in mind you must make your Calorie Target daily.
  2. Stay hydrated. Water keeps all of our body systems lubricated and running smoothly. I cannot stress the importance of drinking at least 2L of plain, filtered water daily! Another calculation is 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily. i.e. if you weigh 140 lbs, drink 70 ounces of water. If this is difficult for you, start where you are and add 1 cup more water each day for 1-2 weeks, then add another cup for 2 weeks etc etc until you reach your daily goal.
  3. Nutritional smoothies. These can make hitting your daily Calorie Target a breeze, espesh if you aren’t used to eating so much food in the beginning. Plus, they make excellent grab-and-go snacks, and getting the kiddoes involved in making their own smoothies is a great family activity. Just make sure you aren’t using fruit juices as the base of your smoothies. I suggest coconut water, plain water, nut milks or even coconut milk as a healthy base. Then feel free to add fruit, veggies, protein and fats as your palate allows. Be creative and keep it light. Some brands of nutritional/protein powders I recommend are Vega One, Shakeology, Progressive Harmonized Protein and Vega Smoothie.

What comes next?

Unlike some diets, the Get Lean Eating Plan is a plan you can follow for LIFE. It is so delish and versatile that you’re not going to want to stop once your reach your goals…so don’t!

You can keep using the Get Lean Eating Plan to maintain your weight (and health!) as long as you’d like. Just make sure to recalculate your Calorie Target about once a month to make sure you are getting in enough calories and use your MAINTENANCE calories instead of your Calorie TARGET.

As long as you stay active and exercise 3-5 times/week (whether you are trying to lose weight or not), and commit to eating clean 80% of the time (knowing cheats and treats are allowed 20% of the time), you’ll stay fit, healthy and happy.

Need Help Getting Started??

Make sure to enroll in my 1:1 coaching. Together we will work on your health and wellness goals. Included is a customized meal and fitness plan, support and more.

*This is the exact system I used to personally lose 30+ lbs. It is safe, customizable and very doable.

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