Going with the Flow — Are You Just “Coasting Along” with Your Weight Loss?


Are You Just -Coasting Along- with Your Weight Loss? Find out if you are, and how to get back on track before it's too late.

It’s dangerous to just coast and go with the flow.

Picture this:

A fisherman in a boat, decked out with all the latest fishing gear, equipment and technology, out on the river alone for a day of solitude and fishing. The hours pass with a few nibbles and near-catches, but not much else. However, the fisherman is experienced and knows not to throw in the towel too soon.

Almost suddenly, without warning he notices his boat drifting dangerously close to the dam. It’s something he has been diligent in staying away from in the past. How did he get so close?

He was just going with the flow of the river. Drifted along. Coasted down the river, and he almost had a horrible accident as a result.

Would you even know if you were drifting along?

weight loss and mindset


Are you just going with the flow?

Does it require any:

  • energy
  • force
  • thought
  • effort

A lot of the time we are not mindful we are even drifting in the first place! We just take each day in stride — day in, day out. Same old, same old.

Same meals. Same workouts. Same activities day after day after day. Just going with the flow.



And then we step on the scale and wondered what the heck is going on! It’s almost like we are shocked to see we may have…gasp…not lost one ounce of weight. Or maybe we’ve even gained a few lbs.

How the heck did this happen?

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Going with the flow.

It’s like when we are driving along a long stretch of highway and our minds start to wander. Or, we are with a gal pal and get to talking to each other and suddenly…you’ve drifted into the other lane!

Going with the flow. Coasting along.

It doesn’t take much to get off course with our weight loss. One drive-thru meal here. One donut at the office coffee break there. One little sneaky “heat” here and there can quickly turn into a full blown incident.

But even if we get off course a little, before we know it we are so far removed from our healthy habits…it seems too far to make the seemingly long trek back.

Sometimes we don’t even notice it. It doesn’t take much to just go with the flow, but it always take us where we don’t want to be.

So what’s the Solution?

Go against the flow.

how to get out of a rut

Paddle upstream for growth.

It doesn’t happen naturally, however. But we know it can and does happen so we need to stay vigilant.

We need to keep our destinations in mind…and keep paddling.

When we stop paddling, we start drifting.

The more we allow ourselves to drift, the more we care less and less. What happens when we care less and less? It becomes too late and it’s a disaster.

BAM…it hits you that you’ve fallen off the clean eating wagon, you get frustrated that you can’t seem to “get this weight off” and you throw in the towel completely. You speak to yourself in such negative ways, that you are a failure, not worthy, a wimp.

There are consequences when we go with the flow.

It’s good to step back and take notice, a self test if you will:

  • do I have the right intentions?
  • what is my motivation?

Good Intentions:

  1. getting healthy for my family
  2. losing weight to improve my self confidence
  3. feel good in my own skin

Good Motivations:

  1. keep up with your kids at the park, not sit on the bench and wish you could
  2. sleep better and obtain more energy
  3. get off disease-related meds i.e. high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, pain medication
  4. reduce illness such as common colds, the flu, various digestive issues i.e. IBS, stomach infections
  5. wear smaller clothes (now I don’t mean this in the vain way, but in the body-confidence way. Yup, there is a diff!)
  6. fighter depression and anxiety

We have to fight the tendencies to just go with the flow and coast through life because other areas of our lives are in disarray or more stressful in general.

Surrounding ourselves with like minded women on the same healthy weight loss journey helps us get through our stressful and super busy weeks. I know personally I have recently reached out to a few other gals in the fitness/clean eating/weight loss/nutrition realm on Instagram…and they’ve responded back!

Don’t be afraid to ask Qs, or send a “thanks for posting that, it really spoke to me” message to those you go to for advice and inspiration on social media. I’ve recently reached out to Kristie, a Pop Pilates instructor, Tiffanie from moms.can.be.fit and Torie from torielinfitness and they always respond and it makes me feel good about my efforts and to keep going.

And for heaven’s sake, if you have been thinking about sending me a message, whether via email or on my Instagram, do so!!!!!!!!! I totes love to offer help, hear how you are doing, celebrate your wins and offer advice to get back on track.

Going With the Flow

Sometimes we think we can just relax and it can be deceiving — and the most dangerous.

The thrill-seeking of “sneaking out” to grab a cookie at the local coffee shop — ohhhh, you feel like such a rebel…you bad girl, you — dies down and we soon forget where we’re at.

We need to be tireless in our efforts.

Keep paddling, giving all diligence and perseverance to effort.

But (and herein lies the key) recognize you’re a human being and it’s easy to be tempted so that is why we must remain diligent.

Another way of looking at it, recognize there will be those moments when you do eat something unhealthy, but, remain steadfast in your efforts and get right back to a healthy choice the very next time you eat.

Anticipate the difficult roads and plan accordingly. It’s a part of life and it will happen that you get stuck with your weight loss. We are only human. #PerfectlyImperfect

Plan as much as you can. Repeat the entire process until it becomes second nature once again, because it will. If you keep your weight loss mindset tuned in and in tune with you and your feelings, your efforts will become second nature and it won’t require so much effort as it may now. Just like brushing your teeth is an automatic habit, so can eating clean, working out and thinking more positively.

You can do this, girl! You were made for more! Pray for help. Fear less (by taking action) and live better. Small baby steps wins the race one step at a time.

So my Q to you (little rhyme there lol) is…are you going with the flow? Have you just been coasting along with your weight loss efforts as of late? Do you know how to get back on track? Are you even willing to?

What is the one thing you struggle with right now? Post your comment b’low!

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