10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday ROCK

Ah, the dreaded scream of your alarm clock come 6 am Monday morning. How we’ve come to hate this start to our week. Getting back into the work-mindset can be a drag, espesh if you’re not fond of your job. I used to feel like this too, but now I’m blessed to LOVE what I do!. I’ve got to spill the beans on my 10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday Rock so you can start lovin up Monday’s as much as I do.

10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday ROCK tps fit

Ready? Let’s rolllllll ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tip #1

No Email on Monday (morning)
I don’t know about you, but my Inbox is always jammed come Mondays. And knowin’ there are so many dang emails to read can cause me soooooo much anxiety…so I don’t! They’ll still be there tomorrow, right?

CAVEAT: Now because I run my biz online I do browse thru ’em real quick to see if I need to respond to a client etc. but for the most part, I leave ’em unopened till Tuesday, or later in the week when I’m less pressed for time….or bored lol ๐Ÿ˜‰



Tip #2

No Chores on Mondays!
Keepin up with Tip #1, no chores allowed on a Monday either! Our work day seems long enough on a Monday, amiright?! Comin home to a pile of wash makes the day seem even longer. Unless you’re in a jam and need a certain item of clothing for the next day, leave all laundry til later in the week. Those dust bunnies that are multiplying at a rate comparable to the speed of light? Leave ’em. They’ll be there tomorrow, and really, they’re not hurting anyone. If you have to do something, ok go ahead and tidy up those counters or do your dishes. But that’s it — no chores on a Monday!

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Tip #3

Make coffee your friend, but chug-a-lug the water, too!
If you watch my stories on Instagram, you know how much I dig my daily coffee(s). But would you be surprised to know I drink it differently every day and I only drink one, maybe two max? I re-heat it like a gazillion times so maybe that’s why you might think I drink way more. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coffee isn’t bad for you. In fact, coffee can help you with your weight loss! The key is what you put in your coffee that can take it from a glorious answer to your morning bed-head to an all out sugar crash. Ok, listen up — no more sweetened, “Heavenly Hazelnut” or “Creamy Caramel” fake creamers that have no nutritional value and loads of sugar and even worse — chemicals included in the ingredients.

10 Best Tips to Make Your Monday ROCK tps fit

Instead, opt for light cream (10% or less) or almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk etc. I like this kind. It has zero sugars, but loads of flavour (as long as you get the Unsweetened Vanilla one). I don’t even miss those crazy creamer concoctions anymore. Oh, and always, always, always chug at least 10 oz of pure, fresh, filtered water for every coffee you do end up having in your day, whether it’s a Monday or not. Coffee is extremely dehydrating and you need to keep your body’s metabolism movin and groovin. Pure, filtered water is how you do it!

Tip #4

Schedule some BFF time on Mondays!
Another top tip toย Make Your Monday ROCK is to give yourself something to look forward to. Whether that’s a walk in the park with your BCW (best co-worker) at lunch, or a fitness class with your BFF after work. Oh, here’s a great idea — make it a different activity each week! One week you decide on the fun-filled idea (like catching the latest chick-flick) and then allow your best-partner-in-crime decide what to do the next Monday (like catching the symposium on climate change and the effects on aquatic life — don’t laugh, this is a real thing!).


Hey, are weekends a total write-off for you? Do you always seem to go flyin’ off the Clean Eatin wagon come Friday at 5 pm? Pick up my free Guide, “How to Eat Clean on the Weekends”. Say buh-bye to guilt come Monday mornin and hello to a care-free and relaxed weekend!

Tip #5

Get Outside!
Ok so this tip ties closely into Tip #4, but for good reason! Getting outside can actually help you lose weight and can also increase brain function aka say goodbye to that brain fog! It can also perk up your energy levels with just a 20 minute shot of Vitamin D (aka the sun). Oh, and it’s also been shown to help us age gracefully. Just make sure your daily moisturizer or foundation has a good sunscreen in it (I like this one).

Tip #6

Include Exercise — this is a MUST!
Whether it’s liftin heavy weights at the gym, or poppin your fave DVD into your trusty DVD player, skipping your exercise on a Monday is not an option. In fact, if you can finagle it into your morning before work etc., even better! Check out these stats about how an early morning workout can improve the rest of your day.

We all know that exercise is like a feel-good drug because it releases hormones called endorphins. These little buddies band together in your brain and help minimize pain plus increase a sense of wellbeing, happiness and energy. It’s like a B12 shot, no nasty nurse required ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Tip #7

Make time (even 15 minutes) for something fun!
What’s that saying, “Dance like nobody’s watching”? Bad grammar aside, this statement couldn’t be better for chasing away the Monday blues any better than a hot-fudge sundae…on a Sunday. It’s dinner time right now and while I’m waiting for it to be ready, I may or may not be a wee hungry lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a list of fun things to do (depending on what you like) in 15 minutes:

  1. watch a makeup tutorial on Youtube
  2. play with your dog (at the dog park is even better cuz you’re also doing Tip # 5!)
  3. browse through your fave fitness or food magazine
  4. flirt w/hubsy via text
  5. get a mini-manicure
  6. write in your journal
  7. listen to a podcast
  8. call your mom
  9. read a few blog posts
  10. play checkers with your kiddo

Boom! Instant pick-me-up and you’re well on your way to making your Monday Rock!

Tip #8

Meditate (aka Day Dream)
I know what you’re probably thinking…it takes TIME to meditate? And it’s so dang hard to sit still! But what if I told you that meditating…is just day-dreaming! At least the way I do it, is! Now I know that “regular” meditation is about “clearing your mind of thoughts”. However, if you are a Type A personality or if you suffer from anxiety like I do, that’s about as easy as performing gallbladder surgery!

I have tried a few apps that you might like (see here and here) or check out this podcast that talks about “Moving Meditation”.


Tip #9

No News Monday Morning!
With all the horrible and world-wide happenings these days, for me, watching the news is becoming harder and harder. I almost never watch any news program in the mornings as it depresses me, makes me sad and also creates fear. To keep these feelings from over-whelming me I find it best to “check in” to the news now and then, keeping abreast of what’s important, but at the same time keeping a safe distance.

I’m not advising you to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, becoming completely oblivious to what’s going on around us. But like a car-crash or crazy reality tv show, watching the news can become a scary addiction. Turn off your news apps, notifications and remove them from your phone or tablet. Again, be aware, but not obsessed. I’m going out on a limb here, but in most cases, we can fix what’s wrong with the world today anyways.

Tip #10

Get to bed already!
Alrighty, let’s lift the mood a little…and get some zzzzz’s. I love a good night’s sleep. And speaking from an ex-insomniac, not getting one can really put a damper on your day.

It can also increase weight gain, lower your patience, increase anxiety and depression, create thick-as-pea-soup brain fog, increase your appetite and even suppress your immunity.ย If you suffer from frequent bouts of the flu, strep throat or the common cold, pay attention to your sleep patterns. Lack of sleep just might be causing those frequent illnesses.

Here’s my sleep schedule and requirements. Give 1 or 2 a try, or do all 6 next beddy-bie time:

  1. Completely darkened room. Room darkening drapes pulled closed tight.
  2. No tv, tablets, phone or alarm clock. These items omit a very soft, but powerful light that inhibits REM sleep and messes with your circadian rhythm. At the very most, a phone, on silence, turned upside down is ok if you need an alarm to wake you up. I don’t, I naturally awaken daily between 6:30 and 7:30 am so I leave my phone upside down, across the room.
  3. 7-9 hours each and every night. No “staying up late” on the weekends. Same bed-time. Every night. Turn off that dang tv — seriously, it’s not worth losing sleep over.
  4. Nap only if absolutely necessary. Some nights, no matter how well you prepare for a good night’s sleep it just doesn’t happen. If you absolutely must, take a nap mid-day.
  5. No food 2 hours before bed. It stokes up your digestion and makes it harder for your body to relax and start it’s very important repair process aka sleep!
  6. Nix alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, a glass of wine right before bed is not good for your sleep patterns.

Web MD has a great article with a couple more recommendations. Go give it a read, then get to bed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Personal Development tps fit

Ok so let’s see what tip(s) are the easiest to do if this is brand new to you (positive mindset strategies). #2 and #3 are MUSTS for me, but surprisingly #6 doesn’t always make my list for Mondays. Keep in mind however, like I mentioned at the top of this post, I LOVE MONDAYS! And that is how my current exercise program is rollin’. It allows me to skip a Monday as I still have Sunday, and Tuesday-Friday to get my 4-5 workouts in.

The key is to pick 1 or 2 (3 if you’re a superstar) tips from this list and only focus on them…even just 1 at a time if this is sooooo new you can’t handle it.

BABY STEPS is my mantra. Worrying about trying to do all 10 will only make your Monday suck more. And we’re trying to pull a switch-a-roo on that, ‘member?

Once you have your 1-3 tips mastered and your Mondays are slowwwwwly starting to see less suckage, then try another tip, then another. You do see where I’m goin with this, right girl? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alrighty then, let’s get goin on thispost b’low the ONE tip you are gonna implement right away to make you Monday Rock!

Oh, and if you have a tip I don’t know about, pulleeeese be a friend and post it b’low too! ‘Member, we’re all in this together!

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