What Not to Do When Trying to Burn Fat (12 Simple Tips to Smart Fat Loss)

Smart Fat Loss.

This is pursued by almost 3/4 of the population in North America today. If you’re not seeing results in your fat burning regime, there are likely some things that you may be doing wrong. If you want to know what not to do when trying to burn fat, read on…

What Not to Do When Trying to Burn Fat (12 Simple Tips to Smart Fat Loss) (1)


You’re Not Eating Enough Calories

You should know how many calories you need to eat per day to maintain a certain weight. Choose to use your goal weight as your calorie range for best results and fast fat loss.

You’re Eating Too Many Calories

Many people don’t track their calories at all, and therefore they eat too many calories. Even if you eat all healthy food, you can still eat too many calories and not burn fat.

You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

You can both eat too little protein and too much protein. Shoot for about 30-40 percent of your daily calories to be healthy protein. Remember that you can get protein from vegetables, fruit, beans, legumes and nuts in addition to fish and lean meat.

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You’re Not Eating Enough Veggies

Try filling half of your plate with vegetables. The great thing about veggies is that they are very low in calories so you can eat a high volume of them without breaking your calorie bank.

You’re Not Eating Enough Fruit

The sugar in fruit is not bad for you. When you feel like eating a snack or something sweet and you have the calories to spare, eat fruit. It’ll give you energy plus vitamins and minerals.

You’re Not Eating Enough Whole Grains aka Healthy Carbs

Don’t give up grains just because you’re trying to burn fat. Your body needs healthy carbs for energy and proper brain function. Got cravings? Your carb intake might be too low. Steel cut oats, quinoa, cracked wheat, and other whole grains are good for you in measured serving sizes.

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You’re Drinking Your Calories

To burn fat, don’t drink your calories. Smart Fat Loss means you should avoid drinking juice, sweetened coffee or tea, and other calorie laden drinks in favour of fresh filtered calorie free water.

You’re Eating “Calorie Free” aka Fake Food

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can drink diet soda, and use fake zero calorie sweeteners and still burn fat. These additives can not only be dangerous but studies also show that people who use them tend to be fatter, not thinner. That’s not Smart Fat Loss!

You’re Avoiding Exercise

You can’t burn fat and be a couch potato. Even if you have health issues that keep you from doing very strenuous activities, you can still move around in your chair and get moving somehow. No need for a fancy gym membership! You can get a great sweat sesh on right in your own living room! I’m a huge fan of at-home workouts!

You’re Not Doing Enough of the RIGHT Kind of Cardio

Cardio is essential to burning fat. If you have health issues that prevent you from doing hard enough cardio, you’ll need to eat fewer calories to make up for it. But you can also try breathing exercises that can increase your oxygen intake and help burn fat.

You’re Super Stressed Out

If you have a lot of stress in your life, it will manifest itself as added fat, usually on your belly. Try to find a way to a way to de-stress every day. Try yoga, meditation or even prayer to take you out of your worries and calm yourself.

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Most people need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. It’s important that you schedule your life so that on most nights you can accomplish this task, because not doing so can affect your hormone levels and cause your fat burning to stall.

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. Being healthy is about taking action to do more of the right things, and fewer of the wrong things every day. To help you take that action I’ve created a 30-Day Jump Start that starts February 26th.

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