Screw Your Resolutions But Still Stick Your Weight Loss Goals

Stick Your Weight Loss GoalsIt’s that time of year again…when you start planning ahead to 2017 and worrying if you will be able to stick your weight loss goals. You get out some paper and a pen and start scribbling down all the ways you hope to stick to your diet and fitness regime, and you set some New Year’s Resolutions. I have one thing to say about that…


What the what now??

Tell me something…how easy is it for you to stick to your resolutions? Are you like I used to be, so ready to kiss the old year goodbye and welcome the New Year with open arms and all kinds of hope.

That was soooo me! And every year come February 14th it all “went to pot” as my momma would say. I never lasted past Valentine’s Day! I tried to reason with myself to at least finish a workout program or last until my birthday (March 21), whichever came first.

And yet every dang year I kept letting myself down and every dang year I secretly hated myself a little more! Where was the willpower??! Where was the gal who wasn’t going to quit? Where was the gal who swore she would stick to her guns??

She got the heck outta dodge somewhere after the Valentine’s dinner and wine!

Screw Your Resolutions But Still Stick Your Weight Loss Goals

Me and Hubsy, Feb 14, 2016 in Jamaica!

Can you relate? Are you all gung-ho around January 1 and then after a few weeks fly by you are wondering how the heck you are gonna stick to your New Year Resolution? Stop the madness!! It’s not your fault!

So….how was I able to do this and still reach so many goals??

I decided to start loving myself, instead!

About 3 years ago now, I read this amazing book that broke down goal-setting simply and in Tanya-speak, meaning I could understand what the author was trying to share. It was so compelling that I actually felt prompted to implement all the wise words of advice!

I’d like to share a few takeaways and encourage you to read the book too, and create some better ways to ring in the New Year:

  1. Use positivity to run your thoughts. There are loads of ways to describe yourself, but how many of those words are positive (I’m so fat, my tummy is so huge, why can’t I get this weight off–all negative)? Challenge yourself to stop when you find yourself saying these things and turn them into positive and kinder words.
  2. Celebrate small wins. Didn’t lose those last 10 lbs last month? SO what!!! You still lost 5 and that is still a positive step in the right direction. When you achieve or accomplish something in your life, celebrate it! High five yourself, treat yourself to a new pair of runners, take a new selfie…something that celebrates you.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Just because the gal in the next cubicle (who started the same workout program as you at the same time) lost 25 more lbs than you did, does not mean you failed. Just because your friend from church took to her new clean eating lifestyle quicker and easier than you did (what the heck is a macro anyways) doesn’t mean you won’t get there soon, too! Stop comparing your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 10. Maybe that other person has been doing this longer than you. Maybe that other person doesn’t have 4 kids, a hubsy and 2 dogs that occupy your every spare moment. Maybe she’s single and can whip up a veggie lasagna in under 30 minutes! The point is, don’t let someone else rob you of your progress and successes, however small they may be.
  4. Ask for help. No one said you had to go it alone. I did this for years for fear of either being judged or dismissed. “Find your tribe, love them hard” is something you will often find me saying! Sometimes we get down on ourselves when we don’t know what to do next in our workouts or what else to try when dieting just doesn’t seem to work (btw, stop dieting. Start living instead. This free Guide will help!). There are loads of peeps who are ready and willing to help you out (like me!).
  5. Realize that you will have bad days–and that’s a-ok! No matter how hard we try to live a positive life, bad things happen. Sometimes they happen one right after the other. My life used to be one setback after another, one let-down after another and I’ve failed so many times at things I should almost be embarrassed. But I’m not. I lost a million dollar business. Doesn’t make me a bad person. I’ve screwed up so many relationships that I didn’t get married till almost in my 40s. Doesn’t make me a bad person. I’ve failed every diet I have ever tried. Doesn’t make me a bad person…I just didn’t know any better and that DIETS DON’T WORK!!! 😉


Remember, this is all about your journey. It’s not how well you stick to your New Year Resolutions, but more about how to stick to your weight loss goals. This is something you have already been doing so it really isn’t something new that you need to put pressure on yourself to achieve. You’ve already been working at it for awhile.

Screw Your Resolutions But Still Stick Your Weight Loss Goals

The biggest way I learned to love myself was to acknowledge and accept that this was a journey. I wasn’t going to reach my goal overnight. I didn’t become overweight (obese in the very beginning) over night and I am not going to lose it overnight either! Focus on the here and now. Know that when you fall (and you will, I guarantee it) you can get right back up again and get back on track.

Falling off your clean eating plan doesn’t mean you can’t start eating healthy again. Not getting to the gym for 2 weeks doesn’t mean you are automatically barred from ever entering the facility again! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, be kind and loving to yourself (but still stay accountable) and keep going. No resolution will help you do that. YOU help YOU do that.

Even though your journey to self love starts with just you, it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Take the first step to build on what you can do for yourself by working 1:1 with me. You will receive a fitness program, clean eating plan, positive mindset strategies and oodles of recipes too!

Are you over New Year’s Resolutions now? Good! Ready to get started on living and loving your life? Awesome-sauce.

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