How to Stop the Diet Overwhelm

Overwhelmed by all the diet and fitspo out there? Wishing you could stop the diet overwhelm?

how to stop the diet overwhelm

Crazed by what’s new…every other day?

Are you wondering:

  • who do I follow?
  • what should I believe??
  • what’s right/what’s wrong???


I soooo get it, girlie. Don’t forget, I’ve been where you are now. Before I became a certified Fitness Nutritionist I had difficulty making all kinds of healthy changes all at once. Changes like:

  1. getting all my water in (ok, truth be told I still sometimes mess up on this one lol) 😉
  2. fitting in my workouts done (hmmmm, same truth with #1 occasionally) 😉
  3. eating all my veggies (sooooo not a fan of veggies, so I chop ’em up REAL small to barely taste them bahahahahaha) 😉

I discovered a way to take the diet overwhelm out of the equation for you. If you follow me on my Facebook page or on my Instagram and watch my weekly live broadcasts you’ll know this term quite well:

Baby Steps

When it comes to taking the diet overwhelm out of the equation, it starts and end with baby steps. You don’t have to go all-in, all at once. You don’t need to make 100 changes to your diet and lifestyle right at the beginning.

Small changes, day-by-day, or even week-by-week are what removes the diet overwhelm from your life.

If we try and make big changes all at once, we tend to get so overwhelmed and more often than not, end up failing and quitting. We end up even more discouraged…sliding right back to where we started.

Baby Steps

Say for instance, you have a goal of increasing your daily water intake. Your goal is to drink 2L a day (the daily amount I recommend to all my 1:1 clients is between 2 and 4L of clean, filtered drinking water). However, you’re only sucking back about 1L a day right now. Jumping up to 2L right away seems…impossible.

First, there’s the whole running-to-the-bathroom every 10 minutes thing.

Then there’s the inquires from family and co-workers…why are you peeing so much??? 😉

So don’t jump to 2L right away. Baby step it.

Add just 1 more cup daily to your daily water intake. Do that for 7 days. The following week add another cup daily. Do that for 7 more days. You see where I am going with this…..riiiiight?? Keep adding a cup a day for 7 days until you reach your goal of 2L of water each and every day.

Oh and by the way…your kidneys will catch up to your new water habit. Give em time, and you won’t be running to the washroom every 10 minutes. Or at the very least you won’t notice as much. lol

Let’s take another bad habit — the sweet tooth. I don’t know if you are anything like me, but having something sweet after dinner every night just feels right (or at least it used to. I’m done with sugar except on the odd special occasion). Instead of having some chocolate cake or 3 cookies for dessert after dinner, have your sweet treat every other night. Do that for 7-14 days (you get an extra week with this new habit as sugar is a biotch to kick).

Then schedule your dessert for every third night. Do that for a couple of weeks and so on. Next thing you know, bippity bam boom — you don’t even want dessert anymore after dinner. It’s how I did it. Oh and yes, seriously — schedule your dessert on your calendar! Some nights (and it will happen, trust me on this) when you are having a craving knowing that while you can’t have dessert right then, but the next night soothes your senses and calms your cravings.

If by chance you are having a heckuva time with sugar cravings, download my Sugar Craving Busters recipe book. There are over 25 clean eating “sweet-craving-quashing” recipes for you to help you stay on track with your clean eating habits, but kill those sugar cravings. It’s free!

What if your issue isn’t with diet overwhelm, but you are overwhelmed by adding more exercise to your life?? Say you are currently working out 3 times a week and want to up that to 5 times a week…but it seems like so much, well…work.

how to add healthy habits

Again, what I tell my 1:1 clients and beginners is to start by adding just one more day of exercise to your schedule. Once you get that extra day in and are doing well with it (it may take you 2-4 weeks to get there), then add another day to the mix. Do that for another 2-4 weeks. Oh, did you see what I did there? I got you to your goal of 5 workouts a week within 1-2 months and you didn’t even notice.

It’s called baby steppin it my friend! <3

Baby steps.

Start Slow. Slowly increase.

This is how you go from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one. One teensy baby step at a time. It gives you momentum, which increases your confidence and when you are armed with momentum and confidence, watch out world — here you come!

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