The Supplement Everyone’s Talking About But No One Needs

Fat Burners
. Everyone’s talking about them lately. It seems their popularity comes and goes, but one thing is for sure, they were the #1 supplement asked for (by men and women) when I worked at a supplement store earlier this year. The 2nd most popular? Protein Powder. Which I do recommend, but that’s for another blog post.

The Supplement Everyone's Talking About But No One Needs

There is an on-going debate about whether they work or not, and if they do, which ones? I’m going to share my personal experiences with fat burners and make suggestions for you, keeping your health as my #1 priority.

Most of us want to lose weight these days. Whether it’s a few vanity pounds or you have over 100 lbs to lose, either way we all want it off…fast.

We are eating clean and exercisin regularly, but some days it seems as if the scale just won’t budge. I know in the beginning of my own journey, I tried every weight loss aka diet pill. When I was introduced to the fat burner supplement I thought they were going to be the holy grail of my weight loss.

Oh, I was sooooooo sooooooo wrong.

First off, let’s look at what a fat burning supplement is:

Fat Burners do exactly what their name suggests: they burn fat. They are aka Thermogenics, which is a product that is used to increase the heat in your body which ideally turns on your body’s metabolism and it’s ability to burn fat.

Sounds good, right? Actually, it sounds GREAT…in theory.

But here’s the 411, honest to goodness truth about fat burners: they just don’t work.

Yes there are peeps out there that swear up and down by them (mostly in the fitness world) and use them regularly for competitions or special occasions. And in theory, a fat burning supplement could work in those cases. But the thing to consider is your diet plan has to be super clean and restricted, and you must be compliant to it — absolutely zero deviations or cheats.

But the majority of peeps (sadly, mostly women) use fat burners all the time, in the hopes for quicker fat loss. And that is why they don’t work. They weren’t meant to be used like that.

Here are a few different types of natural fat burners that could work, but again, keep in mind that could is the operative word. There is no way of telling ahead of time if one will work for you, everybody and every body is different. You have to try one for a bit and see.

you have to eat a clean, mostly unprocessed diet in order to keep the lost pounds off, and regular exercise will need to be a part of your regular routine. Again, a fat burning supplement is not a quick fix. You have to do the work girlie! They may (and I use the word may quite strongly) work a little, but only expect a 1-5% increase of lost fat from using one.


I have used CLA in the past and some times it works, others times nada. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is a naturally occurring fatty acid in dairy and red meat. To get the effects of CLA from these sources, you’d have to eat a pile of meat and drink milk…till the cows came home (sorry, I had to lol). Some peeps call CLA a “miracle weight loss pill”, with reports of women losing an extra 9% body fat in one year, but again, there is zero solid, scientific proof that I’ve found of such a claim.

CLA is touted to be great at targeting belly fat (can you see why I’ve tried it a few times now over the years? lol). It’s claim to fame is that it encapsulates your fat cells, blocking any more fat from entering said fat cells, thus allowing the fat cell to slowly shrink.

As I mentioned above, I did see some small results ONCE from using CLA and it appeared my belly did shrink (no, sadly I didn’t take measurements. Would have been the smart thing to do, riiiiight?) 😉 But as with most “diet pills”, once I stopped using the supplement, it seemed my belly fat did return…to stay 🙁 Another time, more recently when I used CLA I saw zero diff. So it’s a crap shoot.

If you eat really healthily and workout regularly and want to try CLA, it’s not harmful at all, just make sure you are purchasing a product that contains 80% CLA, otherwise you are paying for fillers in your supplement that have nothing to do with fat loss.


Green Tea

Green tea is well known for it’s anti-oxidant properties and I do highly recommend it. But the question remain, does it work for fat loss?

Again, in my own experience, taking a green tea supplement (or 6, the recommended daily serving amount!) did not work for me. One thing to consider is the caffeine in green tea. If you are sensitive in any way to caffeine i.e. two cuppa joes makes you jittery, then by all means avoid this supplement.

If you do decide to try green tea supplements (not the tea itself, it isn’t concentrated enough), ensure the brand you choose contains at least 400mg of green tea extract (a cup of coffee contains about 250mg of caffeine, so you can clearly see how much caffeine is in a green tea supp).

A Few Words of Advice if You Do Decide to Take a Fat Burner

  1. Don’t exceed the recommend daily serving size. Taking more does not mean (potentially) faster fat loss. It means serious side effects that could harm you indefinitely.
  2. Don’t take them forever. They are meant for short-term use only. Head the warnings on the label!
  3. Don’t expect the same effects as someone else. As I mentioned above, everybody and every body reacts differently to fat burners.
  4. Don’t expect to counter-act poor eating habits with a fat burner. You’ll waste your money and it’s extremely unhealthy.
  5. Ensure your fat loss expectations are realistic. Don’t take a fat burner with the expectation of losing 25 lbs in one week. You’ll be disappointed and out ~$35-$50.

I’d love to know your personal experience with using a fat burner. Did it work for you? Or was it wasted money?

Share your thoughts b’low!


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