The Best 7 Day At Home Workout Program (to jump start your weight loss)

This 7 day at home workout is a killer sweat sesh, but in a good way. This is, hands down, The Best 7-Day At-Home Workout Program (to jump start your weight loss)!

7 Day At Home Workout Program TPS Fit



Lately I haven’t been feelin’ up to drivin’ to the gym, but my exercise is my medicine. For reals, it totes helps with my anxiety and depression. If I skip more than 2 workouts in a row my brain turns to mush and I start feelin’ overwhelmed by the simplest of things.

The other day it was tidying my office. I felt the walls closing in on me. My chest felt tight.

I just got a new computer and switching from a Windows to a Mac is frustrating at times. Some things are the same, others aren’t. And the game is trying to figure it all out in as little time as possible.

Which just wasn’t happening.

I knew a sweat sesh was in order (as I skipped that day’s gym workout) so off I toddled to my front room aka living room to sweat it out. It was just calling for an at-home workout!

After I started, I felt good. Really good. And I just kept going and created this fantabulous 7 day at home workout that you can print (see end of this post for the print-able). At the very least, screenshot it so you can start this program tomorrow! No need to wait for a Monday. Unless it is Monday when you are reading this. Then by all means, start on a Monday! lol 😉

The best part about my 7 day at home workout is you can reverse this workout and make it a 14-day no equipment at home workout for women. Then flip the order of the days again and boom, you’re onto Week #3. Lookin’ to keep going? Reverse the order of days one last time and you’re lookin at a 4 week resistance-sculpting workout that can be done in 20-30 minutes, depending on the day and workout. I just love the versatility of this at home workout.




  • make sure you are and remain well hydrated
  • wear proper attire. Unless stated, wear appropriate shoes and definitely sweat-wicking clothing, cuz you’re gonna need it
  • keep a towel close by for those extra sweaty days
  • don’t lift with your ego. It’s better to lift too little, than too much when getting back in the workout game. You can always lift heavier once you’ve mastered proper form.
  • do not workout on an empty stomach. Have a meal at least 2 hours before this workout, or at the very least a snack about an hour prior
  • don’t skip the warm-ups or cool-downs. Yes, they add 10 minutes to the workouts, but your body needs those 10 minutes to properly warm-up and stretch out to avoid injury and soreness
  • speaking of soreness, expect it, espesh if you are just starting (or re-starting) your at home fitness routine. If it gets really bad, look into foam rolling, BCAAs and/or epsom salt baths
  • schedule your workouts, make time for them and keep them like an important hot date with the hubby, or a job interview
  • go easy on yourself. Love that your body can move. Feel your confidence increasing with every accomplishment. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s Chapter 10

Ok, quick side note on that last hint. When I first started my own weight loss journey I weight over 210 lbs (closer to 220 actually) and could not lift a one-lb dumbbell up in a front raise exercise longer than five reps (5 times). But…I kept trying! Now, it’s no prob for me to knock out 3 or 4 sets of 8-15 reps using much more weight. You will progress as long as you stick with it. This, I can promise you.

Lower Body

2 Single Sets of each exercise, for 15 reps each set.

  1. Bodyweight Deep Squats (as low as you can go with proper form)
  2. Alternating Bodyweight or DB Step Ups
  3. Bodyweight Walking Lunges
  4. DB Sumo Squat
  5. DB Deadlifts
  6. Bodyweight or DB Calf Raises

Interval Cardio

15 seconds, each exercise, 15 seconds rest for one complete circuit. Do 3-4 circuits or for time, 15 minutes.

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Lateral Jump Lunges
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. X Jacks
  5. Squat Holds
  6. Pushups (knees until you reach perfect form)




Upper Body

2 Single Sets of each exercise, for 15 reps each set.

  1. Laying DB Chest Press
  2. Tricep Pushups (knees till you perfect your form)
  3. 1-Arm DB Rows
  4. DB Bicep Curls
  5. Overhead DB Press
  6. Lateral Raises


2 Single Sets of each exercise, for 15 reps each set.

  1. 1-Leg DB Deadlift — both legs (for the love of all things chocolate, hold onto something with your free hand. This is about your booty, not about balance).
  2. Bulgarian Split Squats — both legs (bodyweight till you master your form).
  3. Glute Bridges
  4. Back Lunges — both legs! (bodyweight till your form is perfect-o!
  5. Squatted Band Walks
  6. Calf Raises

Interval Cardio

15 seconds, each exercise, 15 seconds rest for one complete circuit. Do 3-4 circuits or for time, 15 minutes.

  1. Skater Jumps
  2. Burpees
  3. Squat Jumps
  4. Bicycle Crunch
  5. Tricep Pushups
  6. Elbow Planks

If you prefer to do your Interval training on a machine i.e. treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, stair master then work at high intensity for 15 seconds, low intensity for 15 seconds.
Make sure you are really challenging yourself. It should be difficult to keep a conversation going, but not impossible where you can’t catch your breath.





If you don’t know what an exercise is, Google or Pinterest it! also has a wonderful library of videos explaining hundred of different exercises as well.


In case this is your first introduction to me, let me start off by saying, I don’t do diets.

Neither should you.

Whether it’s weight loss or increased health, eating clean is your best (and safest) bet to an eating style. Plus, it’s maintainable. I don’t know one gal who can stick to a “diet” 24/7, 365. It’s just not probable, and really, it’s not fun!

I recommend starting off by creating a meal plan. It’s not as hard as you think, when you use my system. In fact, it’s super quick and time saving #WinWin.

Meal Planning Made Easy is one of my most popular blog posts, mainly because it breaks down meal planning to one simple meal: dinner. Once you decide what you’ll be eating for dinner for the next 7 days, filling in the rest of your meals is easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Ok so you’ve got your workouts for the next 7 days, and your meal plan for the next 7 days. Girl! You are SET.

beginners at home workout TPS Fit



Leave a comment b’low how this week of workouts went for you! Too easy? Too hard? Need some help with modifying or an explanation some of the exercises? Hit me up b’low! Happy to help!

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