Top 3 Flat Belly Foods That Will Get Rid of Your Bloat in 14 Days

Hey, TPS Fit Squad! Are you setting a New Year’s Resolution to get rid of some bothersome belly fat?? Meeee tooooo (I played too fast and loose with convenience foods over the holidays. Hey, it happens!!)! These top 3 flat belly foods will get rid of your bloat in just 14 days, so that you can feel comfy in your skinny jeans and more confident too.

Top 3 Flat Belly Foods That Will Get Rid of Your Bloat in 14 Days



Gluten Free Foods

Many foods today contain fillers to help make your food last longer and taste better. Sometimes fillers are added just to make your food look better. Various foods you purchase contain a lot of gluten, which can be unhealthy to your gut biome.

On a gluten-free diet, you’re mostly eating protein (think salmon, chicken, steak) and veggies (sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, and peas etc.). While the latter list of foods are particularly starchy veggies, they don’t contain any gluten.

“Eliminating gluten, and eating a gluten-free diet can help reduce your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and other health-related conditions, like diabetes, if you have a gluten intolerance,” says Christy. “A gluten-free diet can also help your body ward off viruses and germs, just because many of the foods you eat will be full of antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals.” ~

How do you know if you have a gluten intolerance (like me!)? An elimination diet for 21 days can give you a glimpse into your body’s reaction to gluten. Simply remove all foods containing gluten, epesh the sneaky ones like cooking spray, sushi, some herbal supplements and even salad dressings (check here to discover more foods with sneaky gluten).

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Whole Foods

Some of the best flat belly foods are the kind that is considered a whole food. These are foods that has very little processing or refining and is free from artificial additive or substances. These are the foods you’ll find mostly in the perimeter of your grocery store. You’ll mostly want to stick to the Produce, Bakery, Meat, Frozen Food and Dairy aisles for whole foods.

While the inner aisles do offer some whole food options (some canned fruits and veggies are a good choice, as is oatmeal, canned salmon and tuna, rice, beans, chickpeas and lentils) many of the inner aisles are filled with processed foods (cereals, crackers, deli meat and salad dressings).

Grab my free Clean Eating Grocery List to help you get started or re-started eating clean, mostly unprocessed whole foods!

Avoid Fake Foods

While many food additives are added to improve the taste of your food (like MSG) they are extremely harmful to your health, and waistline. The freshness of our food today may be hazardous to our health too, as preservatives are another kind of chemicals added to our foods. Artificial colouring and sweeteners also wreak havoc on our bodies, the result being a bloated belly.

Another belly boating ingredient, Potassium Bromate is often added to breads and crackers; avoid them and make your own.

Also steer clear of jellies, jams and hot sauces that contain Sodium Benzoate. This is an anti-fungal and is extremely hazardous to your health, and results in a bloated belly.

Soda (pop), gum and “white foods” (white bread, flour, rice, pasta etc.) are also foods to avoid if you are trying to shrink the size of your belly. These are definitely not flat belly foods, so toss ’em out and get yourself a flat belly diet plan that can help ease you into healthier eating habits.


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