Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching (my personal journey) 46

Before I get into why I quit Beachbody coaching, I want to say that their dvd workouts (you can stream them now as well) are some of my fave workouts. I still highly recommend them.

Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching

Also, these are my expressed opinions. It does not mean that you won’t or can’t achieve the high-paying ranks that some Beachbody coaches do. I’m just sharing my 2 incidences of being a coach, what it’s really like behind the scenes as a Beachbody coach and why I decided it was not for me.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to become a Coach. And I wish you all the luck in the world. I mean this sincerely.

Let’s start at the beginning of how I got into coaching with Beachbody. The first time I signed up after reading a spread in Success Magazine. The coach’s story was pretty awesome (broke bartender to highest earning coach in the company in a few short years) and I just had to work under her. I fell in love with the speed of her success and wanted what she had — the Louboutin shoes, fancy house, dreamy lifestyle. (These are the things I thought that mattered. They don’t.)

At first it went pretty well. She mentored me and put my in her Challenge groups (groups on Facebook where coaches grant “free” access to their paying customers to go through a workout program for 30, 60 or at that time, 90 days. Basically just an accountability, cheer-leader-type group) to learn first-hand how to “coach”. I learned very quickly and before long was running my own challenge groups.

I “got” customers mostly from Facebook, by posting endless posts drinking Shakeology, doing my workouts, sharing my progress (which they harp on all the time — show what it’s like being a Beachbody coach — that anyone can do it). I reached the first level of coaching, the Emerald coach level by signing up my husband as a coach (very strongly advocated) and some other poor sap. Next stop was to reach the Ruby level of coaching (enrolling more new coaches under my first 2 coaches — they use the binary system). Done and done.

Then the next real big “I’m totally serious about coaching” level was Diamond and again, after a few months of struggling, I finally reached that coveted level. I wanted to show my upline (term used to describe the coach you are placed under) that I really wanted to make a go of this and to prove to my husband that this wasn’t some team Beachbody coach scam.

Whoops, let’s back up a little. The team Beachbody coach compensation plan is pretty good; you get 25% for most products you sell and it goes deeper and deeper on what you can make based on how many coaches you have signed up under you and how many coaches your coaches have signed up under them. This is not a pyramid scheme as they are illegal in Canada and the US. You make money by actively recruiting other people onto your team and helping your team do the same. Confused yet? I was at first too so don’t feel bad.

Little by little my upline coach stopped communicating with me as I wasn’t moving up the ladder as quickly as other coaches were that came in at the same time as me. Then communication stopped altogether. And when I couldn’t reach her anymore, I privately messaged her on Facebook and got a very rude and snippy reply that she was a very busy person and didn’t have time all the time to answer her messages (she later apologized for her remarks, but the facade was broken and I started to see everything for what it was — if I didn’t make her money, I wasn’t worth her time).

beachbody coach review

So I quit coaching, gave up my residual income, felt like a huge failure and even went into a bit of a depression, thinking I just didn’t have what it took to be a coach. I couldn’t understand how some girls (who were much younger than me btw, could that have anything to do with it???) were killing it and I was scrambling just to earn enough for my $150 monthly Shakeology bill.

(While I do like Shakeology a lot and recommend it to my readers and clients, not everyone can afford it. It’s a nutrition-based powder that you use in shakes and smoothies. It’s not to be confused with a protein powder, as the protein amounts are quite low (below 20g per serving). There are lots of other options, like Vega One that produce an extremely similar product to Shakeology, and at most than half the cost. Plus, Vega One goes on sale. Shakeology never, ever does and never, ever will. That being said, I do like the Cafe Latte and Tropical Strawberry flavours of Shakeo very much!

Back to why I quit Beachbody Coaching.

I tried to make a go of being an independent online weight loss coach for awhile, not affiliated with any company. I became a certified Fitness Nutritionist and felt I could really help other women with their health and weight loss as I too had struggled for most of my 30s and now 40s to lose the weight and keep it off. But I just couldn’t seem to “find the clients” I so wanted to help.

About 9 months went by and then an ad for coaching popped in my Facebook newsfeed and it got me to thinking…I did have some success as a coach, what if I gave it another shot? I knew that I couldn’t become a Beachbody coach for free, as you are required to purchase a Challenge pack (dvd workout program and one month supply of Shakeology on an auto-ship program) but after a week of thinking how I would be better this time and do things differently, I decided to give it another go.

team beachbody coach scam

They even printed my quote in some of their marketing!! Btw, I am back on coffee and better than ever 😉

I again sought out the top Coach in the company. Although I didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from her (out first “phone meeting” didn’t pan out as she “forgot” and the 2nd one she was just coming in from shopping so I didn’t get a good first vibe at all and was super nervous and rambled on like an idiot like I kind of am now) I did sign up with her as I thought she got to the top of the company from truly being there for her coaches, something I didn’t get the first go-around as a coach.

She put me through all of her specialized coaching programs and I quickly flew up the ranks again, much quicker than the first time through.

But then I started doing things that weren’t really me all because I wanted her accolades and to make her proud of me (which is so not me), which she completely approved of.

  1. I started lying to prospects about how inexpensive coaching or Shakeology was.
  2. I “tricked” regular customers into being “discount coaches” all in the name of growing my team (I was even provided with videos and scripts on what to say).

WHO WAS THIS GIRL?? It sure wasn’t me! I was turning into something I hated the first time I was a Beachbody coach…I was turning into a totally fake person getting all caught up in the “glory” of being a super successful coach. Yes, I made money. At the most about close to a grand a month. Not millions, but still good for me and hubsy and the fur-kids.

And then the little things started getting to me:

  1. All the other coaches around me seemed at least 10 years younger than me and in amazeballs shape with flat tummies and “thigh gaps” #ugh That was not representative of me.
  2. Anyone and their dog could be a coach. Not everyone and their dog truly knows the science behind losing weight, our digestive systems and how clean eating affects your brain, liver, endocrine system as well as your weight loss, something I learned from being certified as a Fitness Nutritionist
  3. My coach, the top coach of the company advised her customers and coaches that fruit contains fake sugars (it does not) and that fruit should be eliminated from your diet if you want to lose weight faster (seriously??? SO NOT TRUE).
  4. The same top coach advised her followers to avoid stevia as it is an artificial sweetener. It’s not. It is probably the healthiest sugar out there in terms of sugar. I still have a screenshot of this incident.
  5. Beachbody headquarters only seemed to promote slim, skinny people in their before and after photos. What about the “in-progress” pics that are just as important and for me, even more motivating .
  6. Beachbody corporate only hired high-ranking coaches to be in their new workout video programs. What about the little guy (or gal) who is really in the trenches trying to transform their bodies???
  7. Beachbody corporate launched a reality tv show on their live-streaming platform, Beachbody on Demand that catered specifically to peeps in their 20s. In fact it was called “The 20s” and was a search for a new trainer show. What about us peeps in our 30s and 40s?? Clearly we are not their target market.
  8. Beachbody corporated launched the “3-Day Refresh”, a cleanse program that would instantly detox your body and set you back on your clean eating diet with a fresh start. NO BODY can detox itself in 3 days. Plus for 3 days you are eating only 900 calories. THIS IS NOT SAFE. No wonder everyone and their mother is losing 5-10 lbs in 3 days…they are starving themselves, and three days on only 900 calories is dangerous. Plus, it plays with your mindset too much as well, as a punishment for eating bad food etc.
  9. Their much higher priced (over $300) 21 day program, “The Ultimate Reset” takes your “detox” to the next level but again, you are eating small quantities of vegetarian food. Why the heck does a “detox” program cost over $300?? I can get all the same products they use to safely do a 4 week detox from my local health food store for under $60. Not to mention the fact that detoxing takes a long time and most bodies are not fully detoxed in 21 days or less!
  10. Beachbody corporate is adamant in telling it’s coaches they cannot in no uncertain terms diagnose, recommend or advise their challengers aka customers of anything health related yet it happens all the time.

team beachbody coach

When I didn’t reach my next level it was made to seem like I wasn’t trying hard enough PLUS I turned myself into a sneaky, lying coach just to climb the ranks to please my coach. And when that didn’t happen, I wasn’t working hard enough. I wasn’t inviting enough. I wasn’t doing my Personal Development enough each day. Plus all the shenanigans that weren’t supposed to be happening by others coaches that blatantly were.

Just a side note —  I spent HOURS sending private messages to complete strangers on Facebook trying to “build a relationship” with them in order to sell to them down the road. I think I must have sent this video below over 1000 times. No wonder I got blocked on the daily. For those of you I did this too I AM SO SORRY.

Plus, I probably spent double the amount I made (if not more) trying to learn how to “make it” as a Coach. Expensive programs like B-School and Marketing Impact Academy cost me over 5 grand alone. Both very good programs, but there are much better ways of growing an online business for much less money.

And any “friends” I made?? Not one of them remained in contact with me after I left coaching (for the 2nd time). Can’t totally blame them, though. I was a raving lunatic so overwhelmed with “making it” that I was prob a bit of a psycho to them.

So basically that is my story. I do take responsibility for my actions as sometimes they were less than on the up and up. I don’t agree with how just anyone can be a coach. I think it is a joke and grossly irresponsible to say that someone with absolutely no fitness and nutrition experience can and worse yet, should be a coach.

I also disagree with appealing to the SAHM that just need to buck up and do whatever it takes, even staying up past midnight to run a successful business and be a “good coach”.


I saw time and again women upset, in tears and comparing themselves to other, more successful coaches who did stay up all hours of the night because they just wouldn’t quit. Not everyone can or should do this. Women have households to run and outside jobs to attend to. Not to mention feeding their families and doing the laundry, cleaning the house and what not. I don’t have kids and found it hard to keep up at times.

If you are a successful Beachbody coach and completely disagreeing with what I am saying, that is a-ok. Some people do become very successful at coaching and some climb the ranks extremely quickly.

But that does not make you any better than someone like me who “failed” at being a Beachbody coach, even though that is the mentality that Beachbody silently claims.

It also doesn’t mean that the coaches I mentioned in this blog post are bad people. They are not at all. I just question their ethics and ways of running their businesses. It works for them and they will continue to be millionaires living this way. I choose not to follow the practices they recommend and am quite ok at not earning as much as them.

All this being said you do have to decide for yourself if you should become a Beachbody coach. And I would not have learned any of these things if I was not a coach first hand. Maybe you have that magic touch that makes you an instant star on social media. If you are that person, tell me what your secret is #kidding

To wrap this up, I do truly love Beachbody products like PiYo and the 21 Day Fix Extreme (not the diet plans though that come with the programs). I have used these workout programs and love them. They can work if you follow the plans to a “T”, as does anything in life. I will continue to promote these and other at-home workout programs because not everyone wants to hire an online trainer to work 1:1 with them. Everyone has different tastes.

This was just my story of why I quit Beachbody coaching and my experiences as a coach. It has been well over a year now since I stopped actively coaching so this is not a story that is based on recent events. I really wanted to wait a little before I shared my experiences and reason why I left coaching not once, but twice.

After reading so many other stories of why peeps left coaching like this one and this one, I felt comfy sharing my own story in the hopes of putting the question of why I quit to bed. Again, I highly recommend their workouts and quite enjoy them myself. While I am not currently using one, I have done many in the past, and will again in the future.

This was about my experiences with being a coach, and ultimately why I quit Beachbody coaching. Do you have a similar story or experience? Leave me a comment below if you do and would like to share.

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46 thoughts on “Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching (my personal journey)

  • Lourdes

    What a good post! I am 45 and at 36 lost all my baby weight with Turbo Fire and have been hooked on working out ever since. Never did Shakeology religiously though. Fast forward to 2015 when I moved to the US and enrolled at the YMCA. Met a trainer that also was a BB coach. I changed coach and also even certified for Insanity and P90X but found out coaching was not for me. I am a full time physician so I have hardly time to post in social media and all the stuff. Also I am so sick and tired of everybody posting the same thing!! Now I wonder if all the things my coach said about me about getting fitter and “rocking” my workouts were genuine and coming from her heart or her desire to getting me more motivated for BB purposes… so sad that something that turned my life around back 9 years ago is now a source of bitterness.
    As a physician I do not endorse the BB diets (although I the TF meal plan did teach me a lot about calories and healthy foods) and I think that the 80 day obsession program is definitely not a healthy lifestyle and definitely not geared for people who work 8 hours or more per day.
    Wishing you the best in your fitness and nutrition journey!

    • Tanya Post author

      Hi Lourdes, thanks so much for your comment! I hope you can find a way to look back and be proud of your accomplishments 9 years ago…whether that coach was sincere or not, YOU did it, and for that you should be PROUD! I also agree that the 80 day obsession isn’t healthy…nobody should be obsessing about fitness or clean eating; there-in lays the problem to begin with, an obsession isn’t healthy. I too wish you all the best and thank you for choosing a career where you help so many people. Hugs!

  • Laurie

    I have a friend (seriously, it’s not me – LOL) who is new to being a beach body coach and I really worry about this because I know of a couple of others that used to be and quit because of the high demands, standards, and product pushing that they just didn’t believe in doing. Basically, those that left thought it to be more of a pyramid scheme and nothing more than marketing. Before I go further I would like to add that I do have BOD and I do like the workouts but I struggle with the nutrition plans. I am a runner and triathlete and my coach has really taught me a lot in terms of “dieting” (she doesn’t believe in them) and quite simply, if you expect your body to perform, you need to fuel it and not starve it. I feel this is an area that beach body really doesn’t quite grasp. Anyway – my friend is new to being a coach, she is quite naive and has just been accepted to the new 80 day obsession coach test group. All she posts now is beach body this, and beach body that. She is also going to start a 5 day sugar detox, for free, next week. In my opinion, she’s really not fully aware of what this detox entails and has all sorts of people “on board” to try it. I feel like she is just going off what beach body is recommending without really educating herself first. Fast forward to this new 80 day obsession. I have read it and this is certainly not for me! I was wondering if you had had a chance to read up on it yourself and what your thoughts are? I kind of feel like she is truly obsessed with this and I question if she truly knows what she’s getting in for. I am not a skinny-minny and I struggle with weight loss (at 42 years old). I am not a fast runner (about an average of 12-13 min/mile). But I do what I do to show my kids that you can do anything you put your mind to no matter what your size or abilities are…. just being a body in motion with a little bit of nutrition education is a lot better than being static. I’m never going to be that skinny, toned mamma and that’s okay 🙂 I applaud her for all of her hard work to loose 90 pounds over the last year, and she looks fantastic! I am completely on board with her trying to get people motivated, moving and to be more conscientious of what they eat and how much of it. I’m just not sure about this new adventure she is on as she is not fully informed of things she is now asking people to do. Am I wrong in being concerned?? I have not said anything to the contrary as I don’t want to come off being negative or hurtful. I especially worry about this new plan she is signed up for as anyone who is now working out 3 times a day (yes, you read that correctly) may not REALLY be receiving the proper nutrition that they need – all because they want to achieve certain results – and then turn around and promote it. Like my other 2 (close) friends, they figured this out on their own and ended up quitting the beach body coaching journey, along with purchasing their supplements and shakeology drinks. I don’t want to be “that” person to squish someone’s excitement so I’m thinking that just keeping my mouth shut is probably the best option right now. It’s just hard to see other’s jumping on board to these “free” challenges that she’s offering and nobody really has much of a clue of the pros and cons to each of them. Ho hum. Thank you for sharing your story – it’s been very informative!

    • Tanya Post author

      Hey Laurie, thanks for your comment! I loved reading it.

      1) while it’s not a pyramid scheme (they’re illegal) BB is multi-level marketing and they DO push the idea of “getting coaches” under you to make more money…for them as well as you. They’re not the first company out there doing this, and they won’t be the last.

      2) I wouldn’t worry about your friend, either she’ll figure it out eventually or do well with it. Working out 3x/day is STUPID, yes and really unhealthy and my bet is she won’t be able to keep that up for long. That’s what profesh athletes do, not what everyday peeps like you and me should even attempt.

      3) that’s the prob with companies like this — they promote desperation for weight loss through a “detox” and nope, they aren’t doing that properly.

      4) I’m not 100% up to speed on 80 Day Obsession but anything with the word obsessed in it puts red flags up for me as some peeps will do just that and I believe ANY obsession is unhealthy whether it’s a workout obsession or a Netflix-binge obsession haha I’m sure the program has some amazeballs components to it, however. For me and my clients I think some repetition in your workouts is a good thing and apparently each day has a brand new workout. I see a lot of injury and 1/2 assed effort with this as you’re constantly trying to keep up and learn new moves. Then again, I haven’t tried the program (and don’t see myself doing so even tho I too have BOD) so I don’t really know, just going on the interviews I’ve listened to Autumn do.

      All in all, you should just let your friend be as any comment, even coming from a place of caring and concern on your part may be taken as a negative UNLESS SHE ASKS YOU for your opinion. Then, have at it. Otherwise, to each their own. 😉

      Lead by example as you do with your own family (you go, mom!!) and just be there for her. Politely decline her invitations to join anything she promotes and if you have to quietly unfollow her for awhile on social media, that’s ok too.

      She has an amazing friend in you, Laurie. Happy New Year and keep going with YOUR healthy lifestyle <3

  • Jessica

    Thank you for sharing your story! I’ve only been a coach for a couple months, but I haven’t really done a whole lot yet. I feel like I have to be fake and that’s just not me. Also, Shakeology makes me so sick, so I can’t recommend it to people but they push it so hard. I wish I would’ve thought it through before signing up.

    That being said, I do love their workouts, especially 21 Day Fix and PiYo!

    • Tanya Post author

      I sooooo get what you are saying, Jessica! Hey, you can use your Coach Discount for the workouts! That’s what I did in the end before I closed my account completely. 🙂 They do have some fab workouts, I will admit that 😉

  • Deanna Skillman

    Hi! I have been a BeachBody coach for about a year now with little to no luck at all. I homeschool and am a stay at home mom. I was first approached about BeachBody because my friend thought I could be a good inspiration to other people “my size”. I’m not skinny so I took a bit of offense to that because it felt like she was telling me to stay “Fat” to inspire others that anyone can do the workouts. I bought PiYo and was unimpressed with little to know results compared to Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown which I had incredible results with. I wish she would come out with more!!! About a year after my friend had approached me I decided I would check out coaching since our financial situation was much better…basically I could afford Shakeology…I still goes up under a different coach because my one friend was no longer actively coaching because she couldn’t make enough money and ended up getting certified as a spin instructor at the local YMCA, since then she has been promoted into the administrative branch and is doing quite well for herself. After I sign up as a coach I was showered in all sorts of love ❤️. It didn’t last long. I participated in the challenge groups and even worked a group with my coach. At the time I had no one to invite and my friends all knew I had become a coach, but I felt wrong bombarding them with invites. I didn’t want to be that friend who was trying to sell something. But eventually I became that person. But what I also noticed was that my upline coach became more and more unavailable. She was constantly on social media, but always how partying and flaunting her hot bod…that’s not me either and I definitely didn’t fit into her niche. So this year for almost six to nine months she dropped off the radar entirely. By the way, she is still making sales during this time but totally absent. I ran my first challenge group and she was not there. I signed up my first coach and she was not there….so basically I felt like a floundering fish trying to figure out how the heck to juggle all this stuff when I decided I was going to be the coach who made an income vs being the coach signed up as a coach for the discounts on the programs. I guess I waited too long? Then after Coach Summit this year I get a text to join in a closed group for Shift Shop from my upline…haven’t heard a peep from her in months then this text. Then she tells me she wants me at Summit next year. Why, because that makes her look good or something? Then all of a sudden she has a challenge group put together and telling me to invite people. At this point I had cancelled my husband as a coach and decided I was done with BeachBody. Done striving, done begging, done with the stupid “hey girl” messages, and done selling myself online. I get invited to this group because I thought maybe it might be different, maybe the fire she came back with from Summit will keep burning. Yeah, no. We are in week three of this challenge group and there has been little to no communication. I am on her team cup and we are supposed to have weekly phone meetings, already missed the first one. None of the coaches are promoting each other on the team and I am expected to get a challenge group together this week. It’s not going to happen. I’m not making any money with shakeology and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The fire, the excitement, the drive just isn’t there and when I have a question I’m directed to the team FB page to read the FAQs and glean as many nuggets from the information as I possibly can. I hate how they call them nuggets. Every one of the files wants us to promote promote promote. I have done that and I have nothing. Most people I know cannot even afford the cost of shakeology…my own family cringes at the cost and I cannot get a single one of them signed up after a year. I felt like my coach got in contact with me because her own sales were declining due to her absence…she even came out and said as much. Her business went down and she needed to hit it hard again. I feel like some of these coaches who have made it big are pretty much set and do t really have to worry too much about income so why should they worry too much about their down lines. I really wanted to give my coach and BeachBody the benefit of the doubt, but I just can’t. I’m tired of appearing salesy and feeling like I have to be on social media 24/7 documenting my journey. I actually do worse that way. Now, I love shakeology but I dot really care for the BeachBody workouts. I do enjoy tony hortons yoga and his P90x3 workouts. But as far as workouts go I’ve lost more weight with Jillian Michaels than I have with BeachBody…except Tony, I’ve seen results with him. But the 60 pounds I have lost since starting my journey were all done with Jillian Michaels and her eating plans. I just don’t feel like my body gets worked out like it should with BeachBody, but when I start a Jillian program things happen. On that note about Jillian, I posted that I had done Yoga meltdown with a picture of me and my DVD cover in a free challenge group before I became a coach. I did not realize this was a no no. The coach leading the group(the one whom I signed up under) sent me a private message and said I could not do that because I was promoting another workout, which was not my intention. She said she was there because it’s her job and she needed to make a living, but. It’s that Jillian is pretty amazing. I should have known then that coaching was not really coaching. If I’m making progress that’s great isn’t it? I guess it’s only great if your are strictly doing their programs and making lots of money. No. I will continue to support shakeology, but I have been and always will be honest about the cost and maybe that’s why I never cut it as a coach.

    • Tanya Post author

      It’s too bad that you’ve had these experiences as well, Deanna. Just do you. If you like Shakeo then use your coach discount to get it. If you like another workout, do that. I always advise my readers and clients to do a workout they LOVE. What one person likes is horror to another lol 😉 JUST DO YOU!!! <3

  • Jennifer

    I had similar experiences twice with being a coach. I signed up under a popular coach and promises were made but I felt after a while communicating with this coach they had no idea who I was and I kept telling them the same things every time I talked to them. They were following a script every time we talked. I quit and years later signed up again with a different coach. Very quickly it became apparent this person didn’t know who I was after I signed up and I received a number of emails asking if I wanted to be a coach! I was already one under this person. I again quit and will not sign up again. I do however love the workout programs, and the trainers and do own a number of them.

    • Tanya Post author

      Hey Jennifer! I totes agree with you — their workout programs rock (I still prefer the ol’ DVDs to their app, BOD) and Shakeo is delish — just a wee bit expensive. I love my Piyo, Hammer and Chisel, TurboFire and 21 Day Fix Extreme <3 That's why I still recommend some of their workout programs as that is where the company really shines, I feel! Loved that you hopped on and voiced your opinion!! <3

  • Natalie

    I am a failing beachbody coach. I love the programs, Shakeology, the super trainors. But sending messages to people just isn’t me. And I too am older and not a blond bombshell that draws a attention by a post.
    I will post and I hope that I inspire someone to want to take better care of themselves. Most of who see it our my family, that are proud of me for doing something for myself. (None of which want to sign up).

    • Tanya Post author

      Fantastic approach, Natalie! Set the example by being a healthier version of YOU! Plus, without any education in fitness and nutrition, the best you should hope for is for others to take an interest in their own health and wellness, as you are already doing! Keep getting healthy! And thanks for leaving a comment, too. <3

  • Benny

    I’m a coach but haven’t been really active because of school and who has time to invite for all hours of the day?! My coach falls on and off all the time and didn’t really support me or her immediate team, so we were all left to figure it out ourselves. Upline group provided a lot of training and scripts but it always came down to “are you doing enough pd?” If you weren’t hitting success club. I finished insanity in April, started doing double workouts because the upline told everyone to, and it burnt me the eff out after a week, I stopped working out in May, ate whatever I wanted and gained 10 lbs after doing so well with insanity. The upline says do this, and everyone does it. Not everything works for everyone and it bugs me that there’s this mentality what the elite coach says everyone does, even if they aren’t at the correct fitness level or what. It’s completely irresponsible. It’s been rather toxic lately too, not sure what is going on with coaching.

    • Tanya Post author

      Sadly, I know of the frustrations you are experiencing, Benny. It’s tough sometimes. Espesh when your upline isn’t there for you. Of course, your upline would reflect and put the onus on you to do more PD…cuz that’s what they are told to do/say. I can’t believe he/she told you to do DOUBLE Insanity workouts. SO NOT HEALTHY! I must ask if your upline is professionally trained in fitness or nutrition; my thought is no as he/she wouldn’t be dishing out such horrible “advice”. Trust your instincts. Listen to your body. DO YOU <3 And best of luck with your health journey!!!

  • KatieB

    Wow, your experience twice was SO much like mine. And yes, I became a coach, sucked, quit, re-enrolled and quit again after sucking. And I am also over 45 and felt the EXACT same way of their glorification of youth! In fact, I have yet to come across one of the super successful Top 10 Elite or a tad bit lesser who are over 40 and without tattoos. Also, I now fully believe Shakeology has properties that cause long term ‘fluff’ gain that requires the constant Before/Afters due to inflammation, bloating, binge eating and fat gain. Beachbody also does NOT care about the body dysmorphia and binge/purge in the form of Intermittent Fasting being heavily promoted by current top coaches. And….let’s not forget the complete lack of Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice of the ‘coaches’, who are nothing more than sales reps, but call themselves Health and Fitness Coaches with no qualifications besides passion. Sorry, my passion for fitness still required me to get a personal training certification in order to train people in the gym.

    • Tanya Post author

      Haha I’m ok with the tattoos, but I hear what you are saying, KatieB.
      I sooooo agree about the Scope of Practice and being certified. It’s sooo harmful to others when someone who claims to be a “coach” doesn’t have a clue
      about even the basics like an eccentric or concentric muscle contraction.
      Loved your comment girlie! I hope whatever you are doing (I’m assuming personal training) you are loving it and following your passion <3

    • Azocena Salinas

      I am fairly certain that shakeology makes some women super sick and makes it easier to gain weight if you aren’t starving yourself. I gained 20+ lbs in 6months even though I was working out more! I couldn’t take the body shaming either. it is safe to say that I am back to weighing 122lbs. No bb “fitsperation” or shakeology needed

      • Tanya Post author

        Everybody and every body is soooooo diff from one to the next…some ingredients in one product may def affect someone’s gastro system for you, while not in another’s. I’m wondering if you gained weight while training due to gaining muscle, but not losing fat. Body recomp is hard111 Sounds like you’ve reached your goals. Congrats!!!!! <3

    • Tanya Post author

      Keep in mind this was MY experience. I am positive there are many different ones out there 🙂 THank you for reading, Michele! Nice to have you stop by!!

  • Nicole Trask

    Thank you so much for your honesty Tanya!! I always loved your approach when we talked cause even when I said no to beachbody you still remained in touch to encourage me. Keep smiling my friend…life’s a journey and you can’t get everything right. Good on you for putting green the truth out there and apologizing for what you did wrong. I have a whole new respect for you 💟

  • Elizabeth

    I remember you from being on the same team (top coach’s team ) and I left for the very same reasons . It’s very sorority like , you earned success club points , I love you . You didn’t make success club this month , do you even want to be a coach ?
    A lot of people on there are DYING for approval from their upline, hoping for some recognition , a gift card , an acknowledgement on her page , an email . I wanted no part of that .

    Good for you for quitting! Now don’t convince yourself 3rd time is a charm and sign up again :-))

    Shakeology is expensive , those trips , summit and all are expensive as well .

  • Shellie Rutledge

    Awesome read Tanya! Thanks for sharing. It takes courage and strength to put yourself out there in such a raw and honest way….those are 2 things you DEFINETELY have in spades!! Keep up with your hard work and pursue what you are so obviously passionate about!
    You know my story first hand so I don’t have to tell you….you know the struggles! Wishing you continued success and happiness! Those who chose to work with you are very fortunate to have a coach with her “eyes wide open”

  • Julie

    I’ve always been curious about the behind-the-scenes of BB Coaching. I’m no expert, but I know how to research and have access to medical journals, studies, etc. and I just couldn’t get past the notion that these coaches weren’t certified (unless, of course, they took that additional step but I didn’t see any doing that.) Furthermore, I noticed that the main goal seemed to be acquiring Shakeology customers, not true coaching – guidance, goal-setting, accountability, support, etc. Some of this was being provided but it seemed shallow to me.

    So I just never got on board. But I do love me a good workout program and have several BB programs I continue to enjoy.

    Hearing your story really strikes a chord and I love that you took the time to educate yourself and get certified. Very cool. Keep doin’ what you do – very inspiring!

    • Tanya Post author

      As always, thank you for your kind words of support, Julie. I’m so glad our paths crossed and I look forward to learning even MORE from you! Cheers, girlie <3

  • Rachel

    I am currently a “discount coach”. I was trying to go “all in” with coaching for awhile. I was super motivated and loved the results I saw from 21DF and loved the taste of Shakeo (which I still drink by the way). I too found that after a few months of trying coaching… my coach seemed to quit on me! I got so many “I adore you” or “so glad we became friends!” Messages before I totally started to feel icky about it – I was upset with myself for not being successful and worse yet, worried about what SHE would think of me! Now that I’m looking back I am upset with myself for defining my worth THROUGH someone else! It’s just crazy. I still post about the products because I truly do like them, the results and the taste of the shakes but I talk about them in a way that means something to me and does not make me feel like I am being a fraud or “salesy” because let’s face it – a super filtered photo of you listing the ingredients in shakeology, to me isn’t authentic! And truly, how many people ACTUALLY understand the product they are using and how their bodies use it! Probably not many. But to each their own! I’m glad I read this because it 100% validates what I’ve been feeling. I could go on and on but I’ll just say- Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Tanya Post author

      Hey Rachel, thanks for commenting! I completely get what you mean and I still recommend some of the workout programs which are great for beginners! I’m glad you see your self worth is more than what someone else thinks. Hugs!!!

  • Kristie

    First, thank you for being open and willing to share your story. I can totally identify with you on many of the things you shared. You did the right thing walking away. I am so proud of you!

    • Tanya Post author

      Thank you so much Kristie. It was hard passing up the income, but if that is the person I had to be to get it, it really isn’t that hard when you think about it. <3